DUNGEONMASTER [set of first 30 issues]; A Newsletter of Male S&M Equipment and Techniques / A Newsletter of Male S&M No. 01 - No. 30, November 1979 - January 1986

DeBlase, Tony (aka Fledermaus; editor)

Editorial: Desmodus Publications, 1986
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Tony DeBlase, aka Fledermaus, edited and published this newsletter of gay male S&M techniques, news, and reviews. Each issue illustrated from explicit b/w drawings and photographs of increasing sexual explicitness.No. 1: 8 pp. The Mummy's Wrap, tips and variations on mummifiation bondage. Editorial by Fledermaus, aka Tony DeBlase. Design for Fledermaus portable spreader. Gag variants. Review of Clay Caldwell's S&M Truckers and Will Carney's The Real Thing. Improvised sadistic tricks. What to do when your bottom faints. The Labyrinth. S and M Utopia. No. 2: 8 pp. Report from Inferno VIII. Instructions on how to make boot suspension board. Review of Zeus Men in Bondage and The Top and Bottom of One Man's Leather Fantasies. Also Lancer #2. Readers letters. Story: S and M Utopia, Sandmutopia. No. 3: 8pp. Featuring a column on police and penal control techniques by T.A. Feldwebel (this time on "The Wall Search"); 'The Psychology of Captivity' by Dr. H. Vericolor, Part One; "Sandmutopia" fiction, bulletin board, letters.No. 4: 8 pp. + laid in subscription form. Featuring a lead-off article, "What is S&M?"; a column on police and penal control techniques by T.A. Feldwebel (this time: "Handcuffs"). Review of State of Desire and Zeus Presents Val Martin and Leo Stone. Safe suspension bondage equipment. Brief reviews of the S&M opportunities in San Francisco, including S/M Church, Gemini, Society of Janus.No. 5: 12 pp. Two Nations - One Territory: S&M vs. Leather, by Rick Leathers. T.A. Feldwebel on restraint without bondage, Part I. Dungeon Workshop on making bondage racks both usable and discreet. Sandmutopia.No. 6: 12 pp. + laid in subscription form. Top (David Lewis) and Bottom (Lee of Boston) view of Inferno IX. Safety Valve column looks at how S&M can be interpreted as assault. T.A. Feldwebel on restraint without bondage, Part II. Dr. H. Versicolor on The Psychology of Captivity, Part II. Sandmutopia, Chapter 4. No. 7: 16pp. The Painful Art of Piercing, with a photo of Ed's cockhead nailed to a butcher block. Safety in piercing scenes. Review of Gay SM Christmas cards from Rockshots, T.N.T. Designs, Exposed Cards, On Broadway, Lake End Graphics, A Taste of Leather, and Parisian Press. The Quartermaster describes his Vampire Gloves and other wonderful products. Art work by Rex, Richard White. S&M as a power equation. bulletin board, letters. Review of Man2Man, Hombre Scene, FirstHand.No. 8: 12 pp. The Shocking Art of Electrical Torment. Report on Report on fisting by Dr. Thomas P. Lowry and Gregory R Williams. Review of books: Theatre of the Mind by Arthur Tress, and TRESS : Facing Up. Also, The Cavelo Portfolio, The Art of Etienne, and Vermilion by Nathan Aldyne. Sandmutopia Ch. 5. Bulletin board, letters. No. 9: 12 pp. Catheterization with Ice by C.B. of Chicago. Feldwebel on endurance and resistance training he experienced after answering an ad in Drummer. Ball piercing scene described. No. 10: 20 pp. Fighting for Top by Brooklyn Joe (erotic wrestling). Bruce N. Duncan cartoons. Design for a hand-crank generator by Lord Kelvin. Travel report: Miami, Lima Peru, Europe. Review of Drummer annual, etc by Victor Terry. Sandmutopia. Letters & bulletin board. No. 11: 20 pp. When in Rome. by Jason Klein (crucifiction positions & techniques). Safety Valve column on being masochistic without being suicidal. French Foreign Legion drawing by Cavelo. Reviews of Revolt Press (Sweden) publications Mr. SM, and Toy; The Story of Harold, by Terry Andrews. Sandmutopia Part 6. No. 12: 20 pp. Mineshaft's School for Lower Education, by Ray M. Dr. H. Versicolor on different visual effects on bottoms post-spanking. Feldwebel continues on power relations, the military, and torture of prisoners. Bruce of Washington, DC on the sadomasochistic uses of the new Soloflex exercise machine. Reader submitted drawings with variations of Fledermaus' portable spreader from No. 1. No. 13: 16 pp. Soaring! by JM of San Francisco; an account of an actual scene told fro. N° de ref. de la librería

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Título: DUNGEONMASTER [set of first 30 issues]; A ...
Editorial: Desmodus Publications
Año de publicación: 1986

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