Flowcode 6: Create 30 PIC Microcontroller Projects by Bert Van Dam (2014-05-04)

9781907920301: Flowcode 6: Create 30 PIC Microcontroller Projects by Bert Van Dam (2014-05-04)

This book covers the use of Flowcode® version 6, a state-of-the-art, all-graphical based code development tool, for the purpose of developing PIC microcontroller applications at speed and with unprecedented ease. Starting off with down-to-earth tutorial projects and step-by-step instructions, the book soon progresses and deepens with more ambitious projects, increasing the challenge of working from concepts only yet reaching a fully working PIC-driven project on your desk.

Due to the structured presentations in the book, each project is lucid and self-contained in terms of hardware and software descriptions, using screen images, schematics, and Flowcode diagrams. The aim is always to provide deep insights into the operation of the project as well as the way it was reached, with a strong emphasis on education. All sources referred in the book are available for free download, including the support software.

E-blocks® are used as the hardware building blocks for the projects in this book, making them easy to put together quickly and reliably-without soldering.

Without exception, the projects in the book are fun to build and use. A secret doorbell, a youth deterrent, GPS tracking, persistence of vision (POV), and an Internet webserver are just a few examples of projects in the book waiting to be explored and mastered. This makes the publication a perfect source of projects constantly challenging your hardware and software skills as you progress, resulting in advanced microcontroller applications you can be proud of.

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