Thinking Fast and Slow: Revealed - The Surprising Truth about What Kahneman Me (Lists) (Volume 4)

9781492785118: Thinking Fast and Slow: Revealed - The Surprising Truth about What Kahneman Me (Lists) (Volume 4)

The Surprising Truth about What Kahneman Means for Management This book is based on the best-selling book by Kahneman on thinking fast and slow. Andy Cor takes 7 principles from Professor Kahneman’s book and shows how a manager can use these principles in their management and leadership of their staff. By applying these principles, managers will confidently make better decisions, be more consistent in avoiding bias and thus will be better managers and will have a better chance of increased professional success. This book is written for you as a manager. Professor Kahneman’s book is based on +30 years of scientific research and Andy Cor’s book is based on +30 years of management experience. Andy Cor’s experience is used in distilling Professor Kahneman’s revelations into practical management application. What you can expect to see in Andy Cor’s book: • The Significance of priming – setting the stage and practicing answering the right question with careful, practiced thought. How to avoid answering the wrong question. • The instinct for a coherent story: Missing facts are substituted in the fast answer. Coherence is more natural than plausibility. • The powerful effect of stereotypes and how to stay off the slippery slope of stereotyping. • The power of first impressions and the beginnings of how to craft the perfect image. Buy the book, read the practical detail (but no scientific detail – all the science is in Professor Kahneman’s book) and consistently apply the principles and rise to the top of the corporate ladder.

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