Dictionary of the Chinook Jargon, Or, Trade Language of Oregon

9781153601399: Dictionary of the Chinook Jargon, Or, Trade Language of Oregon
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Excerpt: ... or winter salmon (salmo canis, Suckley). Le-lo'-ba, n. French, LE RUBAN. A ribbon. Le-loo', n. French, LE LOUP. A wolf (the large wolf). Le-máh, or Léh-ma, n. French, LA MAIN. The hand; the arm. Kloshe lemah, the right (literally, the good hand); potlatch lemah, shake hands. Le-máh-to, n. French, LE MARTEAU. A hammer. Le-mel', n. French, LE MULET. A mule. Le-mo'-lo, n., adj. French Canadian, LE MORON; undoubtedly a corruption of MARRON, a runaway negro. Wild; untamed. It applies to men as well as animals, as, for instance, to the tribes which have had no intercourse with the settlements. Le-moo'-to, or Lam'-mu-to, n. French, LES MOUTONS. Sheep. Le-pan', n. French, LE PAIN. Bread; raised or light bread. Le-pee', n. French, LE PIED. The feet. Le-pish'-e-mo, n. Quære u. d. The saddle-blanket and housings of a horse. Le-plét, n. French, LE PRÊTRE. A priest. Le-pwau', n. French, LES POIS. Peas. Le-sak', n. French, LE SAC. A bag; a pocket. Le-sap', or Le-zep', n. French, LES OEUFS. An egg; eggs. Le-sée-blo, n. French, LES ÉPERONS. Spurs. Le-sée-zo, n. French, LE CISEAU. Scissors. Le-sóok, n. French, LE SUCRE. Sugar. Le-táh, n. French, LE DENT. The teeth. Le-whet', n. French, LE FOUET. A whip. Mamook lewhet, to whip. Lice, n. English. Rice. Lik-pu'-hu, or Lik'-po, n. (Hale.) An elder sister. Mr. Hale gives this as a Chinook word. If so, it is probably a corruption of KUP'HO. It is not used in Jargon. Lip'-lip, v. By onoma. (Hale). To boil Mamook liplip, to make, or cause to boil. Ló-lo, v. Chinook, idem. Originally, to carry a child on the back. In Jargon, used in a more extended sense. To carry; to load. Lolo kopa tsiktsik, to carry in a cart. Mamook lolo kopa canim, to load into a canoe. Lo-lo', adj. Chinook, LOWULLO. Round; whole; the entire of any thing. Lolo sapeleel, whole wheat; mamook lolo, to roll up (Shaw). Lope, n. English, ROPE. A rope. Tenas lope, a cord; skin lope, a raw hide, riata, or thong. Luk'-ut-chee, or Lá-kwit-chee, n....

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