Daily Spread Tarot & Oracle Journal

9780615206493: Daily Spread Tarot & Oracle Journal

The only tarot journal you will ever need, to record all your daily tarot and oracle card readings in.

Daily Spread is the newest and most exciting way to record ANY daily tarot card reading. Never again will you have to spend tedious time drawing boxes for your daily card readings. Gone are the days of using blank journals and random sheets of paper for your special daily tarot and oracle card mediation journaling. Daily Spread Tarot & Oracle Journal has 100 s of fun fill-in Card Stickers, that make recording daily card readings of all shapes and sizes a total snap. Join the new wave of fun tarot journaling and start enjoying tarot journaling.

Daily Spread is the ultimate journaling companion for daily and smaller card readings.
Easily use Daily Sopread with:

* Any deck of tarot cards
* Any deck of oracle cards
* Any Tarot School, Course or Class (for daily practice and card pull mediations)
* Tarot teachers have your students practice what you teach them in their Daily Spread Journal

Tarot & Oracle Journals by Ari Stone Art Productions (ASAP) . . . When you need fun and exciting tarot & oracle records, that far surpass blank pages with sloppy hand drawn boxes.

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About the Author:

Alyssa Montalbano (also known as artist Ari Stone), lives in the foot hills of Northern California with her family. She loves to explore life, emotions, behaviors and patterns through tarot cards, oracle cards and books. Art and publishing are among her favorite forms of expressing the love and joy she feels inside with others during her journey onto the planet we all love and know as Earth .

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Daily Spread Tarot & Oracle Journal

Author: Ari Stone (Alyssa Montalbano)
Artist: Ari Stone
Ari Stone Art Productions
ISBN #978-0-615-20649-3

I am one of those that like to do daily spreads some days only a few cards appear, some days lots of people want to come out to play. I have been known to use anything from loose paper, to steno pads, to formal journals. Each has its place. I have worked with Ari Stone s previous work (Tarot Journal), which is a journal dedicated to larger Tarot or Oracle spreads, and found it easy to use, and great fun. I enjoyed using this book so much that I dedicated it to readings done for a specific issue in my life, and a specific period of my life. It lightened the mood during the readings, helped me to focus during the readings, and allows me to go back and review that time period at will. What a gift!

Ari s company, Ari Stone Art Productions, is dedicated to bringing peace, joy, love and harmony to those around her through her glow in the dark art, and through products that are focused on everyday use such as this journal. The journal is spiral bound, approximately 6 by 9 . The covers have a black background, overlaid with glowing green symbols. On the front cover is an artist s representation of a galaxy called the Elliptical Galaxy, along with the title for the journal. I love the color scheme, and the fact that the journal opens the long way (also, that it is small enough to be taken anywhere without a problem).

The first page is a copyright page, followed by a page detailing how to fill in the card stickers. (At the back of the book are a boatload of pages with peel off stickers on them, to be used in recording daily readings. At the top of the sticker is a space for the name of the card. Below this is a larger space where the position within the spread, the position description, and the name of the deck can be filled in. At the bottom of the sticker is an open circle, to be filled in if the card has been drawn in the reversed position.

The third page in the journal makes this journal special to the user: There is a space for the user s name (under which is written This Daily Spread Journal Belongs To), and under that spaces for Start Date and End Date. How much more organized can you get!

Two pages are devoted for each reading: the first page (entitled Daily Spread Sticker Space) has open space for the stickers representing the card positions within the spread to be placed, while at the bottom of the page the deck used and the date the reading was done can be noted. The second page has spaces for Initial Thoughts and Later Reflections. On her site (tarotjournals.com) Ari notes that 1-5 card spreads can be recorded with this journal. IMHO, the space provided would allow up to an eight card spread to be done with little difficulty.

I like the special feel to this journal, as well as the fact that I can record my spreads in chronological order, and refer back to them with ease. The thought that has gone into this journal to make it special, as well as easy to use, reflects the lovely person that I have found Ari (Alyssa) to be. I am very happy that this gifted artist is a crossover into our Tarot world! For more information, and how to use this journal, please visit Ari s site (tarotjournals.com).

Bonnie Cehovet is a professional Tarot reader with over ten years experience, holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and is certified as a Tarot Educator with the American Board For Tarot Certification. Bonnie has served in various capacities with the American Tarot Association, is co-founder of the World Tarot Network, and Vice President (as well as Director of Certification) for the American Board For Tarot Certification. Articles appear in the 2004 and 2005 Llewellyn Tarot Reader.

--Bonnie Cehovet Professional Card Reader

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