VIBRATION OF DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS: Autobiography of a Siddha: The Spiritual Autobiography of Acarya Kedar

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9780595274109: VIBRATION OF DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS: Autobiography of a Siddha: The Spiritual Autobiography of Acarya Kedar
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Through his life and Sadhana, Acharya Kedar demonstrates the experience a Sadhaka undergoes when he follows the path instructed by his Guru. It is not an easy path, as it involves suffering the impact of the "roller coaster" ride of one's many past karmas. Such a journey demands extraordinary faith in one's Guru and steadfastness in the practice and every instruction given by Gurudeva. In this book, Acharya Kedar describes, in simple direct language, his experience of how an ordinary human being, by making himself worthy of Guru's Grace, can attain the Divine Consciousness.
Gopalkrishna Gaghunath Shenoy
Trustee, Swami Nityananda Ashram Public Trust

Acharya Kedar is the spiritual head of Supreme Meditationé and The Spanda School of Yoga Science, Inc. He participates in a lineage of Siddhacharyas (Gurus). The Master of his lineage is Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri. Acharya Kedar is acknowledged by disciples of his Guru, as well as his own students and disciples, as being a Siddhacharya, a Master of Yoga who has taken the role of spiritual teacher to directly guide his students to Liberation from the bondage of ignorance that keeps God concealed from their life experience.

Acharyaji leads programs in Supreme Meditation where students experience the transmission of energy that makes Meditation more spontaneous while invoking healing. Students also learn how to integrate that experience into their everyday lives, aligning career, relationships, family, finances and health with the Supreme state that begins to unfold within them as a result of following the teachings and practices of Supreme Meditation.é

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Shri Acharya Kedar is the founder and spiritual head of Supreme Meditation. He is recognized by his students and followers of other great sages (like Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri) as being a Siddha, an enlightened master of spiritual transformation whose experience of the Ultimate Reality, the Heart of God, is uninterrupted.

Kedaracharyaji transmits the power and Grace of his lineage through the full spiritual awakening known as Shaktipat, that He gives in the Supreme Meditation Intensives. The power to do so was bestowed on him by his Master. Acharyaji is a published author and a teacher of Shaivism, and the Chidakasha Gita of Bhagawan Nityananda. He has initiated many seekers and helped people across the world realize their true worth by attaining Inner Peace and acquiring the Bliss of the Self, and by guiding them in The Science of Transformation that allows one to lead a better life in this world.

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