Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering: An Integrated Approach (Coursesmart)

9780470282243: Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering: An Integrated Approach (Coursesmart)

This text treats the important properties of the three primary types of materials––metals, ceramics, and polymers––as well as composites, and the relationships that exist between the structural elements of these materials and their properties. Emphasis is placed on mechanical behavior and failure including, techniques that are employed to improve the mechanical and failure characteristics in terms of alteration of structural elements. Furthermore, individual chapters discuss each of corrosion, electrical, thermal, magnetic, and optical properties. New and cutting–edge materials are also discussed.

Even if an instructor does not have a strong materials background (i.e., is from mechanical, civil, chemical, or electrical engineering, or chemistry departments), he or she can easily teach from this text. The material is not at a level beyond which the students can comprehend––an instructor would not have to supplement in order to bring the students up to the level of the text. Also, the author has attempted to write in a concise, clear, and organized manner, using terminology that is familiar to the students.

Extensive student and instructor resource supplements are also provided.

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Very good book! (Sayavur Bakhtiyarov – Auburn University)

From the Back Cover:

An Integrated Organization Scheme

This Second Edition of Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering continues to take an integrated approach to the topic organization. One specific structure, characteristic, or property type at a time is discussed for all three basic material types—viz. metals, ceramics, and polymeric materials. This order of presentation allows for early introduction of non–metals and supports the engineer’s role of choosing a material based on its characteristics.

Extended Coverage and Animations on CD–ROM

New copies of this text include a CD at no additional charge. The CD is an integral part of the text package and features animated software modules and the last five text chapters in .pdf format.

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