The Geological Time Table, package of 10 charts, Sixth Edition

9780444529831: The Geological Time Table, package of 10 charts, Sixth Edition

'The colorful previous editions of the Geological Time Table have been immensely popular with scientists, professors, and students alike. The new and revised sixth edition provides practicing geologists, archaeologists, and Earth historians with a succinct source of reference to stratigraphy and chronostratigraphy. It provides easy access to numerical ages, including the stratigraphic subdivisions and the ages of prominent mountain-building, paleoceanographic, paleoclimatological and evolutionary events in Earth history.

The linear time scale has been thoroughly revised, utilizing recent developments in geochronology and radiochronology, especially where there have been major revisions in age dating. An attempt has been made to update all regional stratigraphic schemes based on the most recent information. It also lists major events in how mountain ranges are formed, geomagnetic polarity reversal, and unusual seafloor magnetic records, where available. Major biotic events, prominent geodynamic, oceanographic and geochemical events and glacial episodes of the Phanerozoic can also be found for quick reference.

A series of paleogeographic maps showing major geographic and oceanographic changes are included as an educational tool and glacial and archaeological classifications complete the utility of the chart for paleoclimatology and archaeology. An index is provided for quick and easy reference to the terms within the body of the Table.'

Also sold separately -
Haq: Geological Time Table, 6e (Elsevier, Wallchart, ISBN-13:9780444828651, $35.00)

* Extremely popular for years among scientists, professors, and students of the geosciences, archaeology, and Earth science
* Thoroughly revised, updated, and expanded where necessary using an extensive variety of literature; major references sited directly on the Table
* Produced in full-color, incorporating the color scheme recommended for use by the United States Geological Survey
* Provides an easy-to-use reference to terms used throughout

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About the Author:

Dr. Bilal Haq is a world-renowned marine geoscientist, whose research interests include syntheses of global eustatic, paleoceanographic and stratigraphic data. He has published extensively on a wide variety of topics in geosciences, including, marine micropaleontology, paleobiogeography, paleoceanography, paleoclimatology, sequence stratigraphy, global change and natural gas hydrates. His most recent synthesis, published in 2005, involved the Phanerozoic cycles of sea-level change on the Arabian Platform. He has directed the marine geosciences programmes at the US National Science Foundation since the 1988. During this tenure he has also held assignments with the White House and the World Bank. He has been awarded the Shepard medal for excellence in marine geology by the Society of Sedimentary Geology, the Antarctic Medal by NSF, and the Ocean Sciences Award by the American Geophysical Union.

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