Engineering Electromagnetics: International Edition

9780138897833: Engineering Electromagnetics: International Edition

For one/two-semester, junior/senior-level courses in Electromagnetics.

Using a physically based approach, this text explores the basic theories and equations of electromagnetics and how they are used in engineering practice.

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From the Back Cover:

Using a physically based approach, this book explores the basic theories and equations of electromagnetics and how they are used in engineering practice.


  • Focuses on the physical processes involved in electromagnetic fields and applications.
  • Emphasizes the engineering relevance and use of electromagnetic theory ― in both the "theory" chapters and applications chapters.
  • Uses a "classical", or "historical" approach which begins with low frequency field effects (electrostatics and magnetostatics), and leads later to the full time-varying effects.
  • Motivates the mathematics with discussions that tell the reader where the discussion is going, how it will get there, and what the equations mean.
  • Contains a broad overview chapter on Electromagnetic Sources, Forces, and Fields (Ch. 3) that explains what electric and magnetic fields are, in general, and how they are related to their sources.
    • Discusses the classic electromagnetic experiments that were performed in the early history of electromagnetics, along with the laws that came from electromagnetic equations ― Maxwell's equations.
  • Covers transmission lines before plane waves. This allows:
    • Smoother, earlier coordination with laboratory experiments and measuring instruments that make heavy use of transmission lines.
    • Earlier development of the relationship between electromagnetic theory and circuit theory.
  • Arranges chapters on electrostatic fields and effects (Chs. 4-6) and those on magnetostatic fields and effects (Chs. 7-9) in parallel fashion; this organization presents the material in manageable units.
  • Presents the curvilinear square techniques (flux plots) for graphically solving both electrostatic and magnetostatic boundary value problems.
  • Coverage of transmission lines includes both time-domain and frequency domain analysis.
    • Considers topics not usually covered in other similar texts e.g.: rise time on printed-circuit board transmission lines; the transient response of transmission lines with nonlinear loads, such as diodes.
    • Makes extensive use of equivalent circuits to model many aspects of transmission line performance.
  • Discusses all the traditional microwave waveguide topics, plus optical waveguides, fiber optic cables, and fiber optic systems.
  • Covers a wide range of antenna types and discusses radiation and antenna parameters.

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