Graphexplorer: Function Graphing Software

9780003224184: Graphexplorer: Function Graphing Software
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"GraphExplorer" is a software package that allows students to explore the properties of graphs and enables teachers to demonstrate theories and functions. It allows work with graphical methods as described in the National Curriculum Attainment Target 2, Number and Algebra, and the SCAA Common Core for A Level. The functions of the package include the ability to: graph rectangular, polar or parametric functions; graph general quadratic equations (conic sections); translate, reflect and scale graphed functions; graph families of up to eight related functions; store up to ten functions and constants in a library; and plot data points.


The 'GraphExplorer' software is a powerful mathematical tool that brings sophisticated graphing methods within the reach of any class. 'GraphExplorer' makes it easy for students to explore the properties of graphs, to learn through experiment and for teacher demonstrations from the simplest functions to complex figures, theorems and properties.

"… It has been designed with the needs of both students and teachers in mind… this is a program which has a very particular aim in mind – to aid the exploration of graphs. This aim is achieved."

GraphExplorer meets the following curriculum needs:
• National Curriculum attainment target 2, Number and algebra, requires work with graph plotters or graphic calculators
• SCAA Common Core for A-level details the acquisition of skills with appropriate technology and modelling
• Scotland 5-14 Guidelines require graphical work

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