The Metaphysical Field: During The Reign Of Chaos: The Metaphysical Field: During The Reign Of Chaos: Volume 1

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9782970083504: The Metaphysical Field: During The Reign Of Chaos: The Metaphysical Field: During The Reign Of Chaos: Volume 1
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The metaphysical field surrounds us all. It is the field of life, of consciousness.

Through the metaphysical field, I have seen...

-The ability of women to communicate without speaking. This extraordinary ability has a purpose, which you will soon discover.

-The origins of mankind and the differences between races, as will be clearly shown. The explanation of what you call ‘racism’ is actually the ‘resonance of group’, which will be explained clearly for the first time.

-The substance discovered by Albert Hoffman can be used as a tool. It leads to a paroxysm of the clearest visions of the other side. The guardians, the unbreakable particle, and the entities of the ‘Arena’ have been revealed.

We are living in the reign of chaos, right now.

It is how the ‘elite’ have modified your mind for their own profit. You provide free labor for the ‘eugenics engineers’ who rule the world. They profit by selling our nations to the banker cartel.

They decided to break what makes us unique and individual. By realizing the forced miscegenation by those in power, you can now contemplate the end of our civilization.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is all about? What is this life about? What is in the other side?
This is the true story of Dominic Vonbern and his experiments.
From his childhood, he had many strange encounters and experiences that he now shares in his first book The Metaphysical Field: During the Reign of Chaos. He explains how when he was a child, he went to bed and performed many “astral projections”. One day he heard the voice he called “HE” enter in is mind and put the doubt about the true potential of human being. From that day which is clearly remembered I couldn’t use the “astral projection” anymore and the doubt had took his place by blocking the truth of this reality.
After that he started to hear strange noises during the night.....
At the age of fourteen had the premonition that he had to use what he calls “Albert’s Son”, LSD, to discover the deepest secrets on humankind clearly shown by the guardian of the particle. During the use of the substance discover by Albert Hofmann the LSD, he can get always to the same point that he called the Zero Point. From that state of mind the has received clears visions on different subjects like: · The telepathic women: Our women have strange abilities to communicate without speaking and he will revel why women has this ability and how they use it. This is probably the most hidden secret of all.
The tree of life: A gigantic tree where all human beings where bound together but the sap of the branch was not the same is was like someone has decided to create something similar in appearance but completely different in reality. It was like the purpose of human races was different.
The particle of God: They have shown him what we call god was in fact a particle and this particle was love. The most unbreakable particle in the universe. The other the ones who respond to no names want to learn who to destroy it.
The charge on all human beings, the guardians of the particle, the arena the evil realm, the human soul, the coming beast....
Many others different visions and precognition about what is in the other side of this world.

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