Chemical abstracts Volume 4, pt. 3

9781231173527: Chemical abstracts Volume 4, pt. 3

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1910 Excerpt: ...and PhCHO in glac. AcOH with AcOH-H.SO,, letting stand 24 hrs., filtering and oxidizing the cryst. xanthene deriv. in glac. AcOH with FeCl,; nitrate, gleaming dark red needles. Dimethylhydroquinonebenzein (VI), colorless crystals, m. 1430; the salts are hydrolyzed by pure H,0 with pptn. of the carbinol; chloroplatinate, dark red leaves. Toluhydroquinonebenzein chloride, dark reddish brown needles, only slightly hydrolyzed by hot H,0. When a cold H,0 soln. is treated with NaHCO,, the base is quant, pptd. as a black microcryst. substance with greenish luster, which seems to have the comp. of a quinhydrone formed from 1 mol. carbinol and 1 mol. quinoid anhydride; very dil. mineral acids easily reconvert it into the benzein salts. Dimeihyltoluhydroquinonebenzein chloride, chrome-red needles, stable towards HsO; chloroplatinate, garnet-red, heavy cryst. powder. j-Hydroxymethylfluorone (VII), obtained by heating together resacetophenone, m-C,H4(OH), and Shc14 Me Me CH: NOH (VII) and treating the double salt (0,,0,0)0, thus formed with EtOH, brick-red powder, m. 229-38 (decomp.), sol. in ale. and EtaO with yellow color and strong green fluorescence; alk. solns. are like those of fluorescein; chloride, reddish yellow needles; chloroplatinate, and mercuric chloride double salt, small lemonyellow crystals changing in the liquid into long needles; iodide, orange-red leaves; bromide, orange-red; picraie, lemon-yellow ppt.; silver salt, brick-red powder. The compd. is identical with Nencki and Sieber's acetofluorescein to which they assigned the formula CwH18Oj (J. prakt. Chem., 2 23, 54). With AcONa and Ac,0, it gives 3,6-diacetoxyxanthone and a diacetyl deriv. of the carbinol corresponding to the fluorone, thick, sulphur-yellow prisms, m. 200. It probably has the form...

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