Inside the Relationship Mind of the Average Joe

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9780977305001: Inside the Relationship Mind of the Average Joe

Inside The Relationship Mind Of The Average Joe is a book that is designed to help women help themselves. What is the point for women to believe in everything that has to do with women's rights, if they truly don't believe in themselves? We see women running major corporations; compete heavily in sports, politics and any career in the workforce. We are closer than ever to having a woman president, but when it comes to dating they take a back seat to the opposing team. Inside The Relationship Mind Of The Average Joe gets to the point without needing a P.H.D. It is time women truly comprehend what is going on in the mind of the Average Joe, once you understand that, you will understand how to approach, impress and conquer your man. Men have done everything over the years to figure out women and how to capture them and most are failing miserably. Well it’s time women take control of their future, we are not in the 18th century and times are changing. You can either change with them or continue to do what you have always done, the only problem with that is, you will always get the results you have always gotten. The book, Inside The Relationship Mind Of The Average Joe will go into everything you could ask from capturing your man, the first date, the intimacy part of the relationship, marriage, pregnancy along with child birth, differentials of parenting, your personal appearance, most questions you may have, the book covers it all from A to Z. Everything you could ask and the questions you did not even know to ask are in this book, with captivating cover to cover reading material, you won't be able to put it down. Author: Joe Destafino really gets you to think about scenarios that happen on a day by day basis and how to deal with them, being able to control the drastic emotional decisions we all make and all regret is the key to not being disappointed at a later date with the outcome of our actions.

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About the Author:

This books motivation actually came to me after I was married, before that I was actively involved in the dating scene for many years. When I became married I entered into a circle of friends some married but most single searching for that Average Joe. As I was in this circle I began to observe the way women truly felt about their dates and men in general. I was paying attention to every comment, every action they made, following most of their dates through the trial and error of the dating world. After a while it became second nature to critic those among me and give advice from my view. When they started to understand where the man was coming from they started to make sense of the entire situation. It seemed easier for them to digest, not that everything was easy for them to see and some not so obvious things just needed more attention before most of them understood. All in all it worked out for the better, now putting all of those views page by page for you, I could only expect you will get the same results. I am a man with an idea that men and women are created equal, and can be equal in the relationship world that we all struggle in. I have been in an abundant amount of relationships and have learned from each of them. I have been the shoulder some have cried on, the person to vent too, the friend that you came to for advice and with this I write the book that gives you a much better look inside the mind of the Average Joe. Born in Phoenix Arizona, I live with my wife Michelle and son Jordan in North Carolina. Through research from my everyday life, the first book to my knowledge about what truly goes on in the mind of the Average Joe that most woman can and will be able to relate too. My goal is to help women step out of the way of their ego and understand there is more to the dating life that waiting for the man to come to you, As far as the married women go there are so many things that your husband will do that you crave to understand, so I included a few special chapters for you also.

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