Data Vault Day Course Materials: Class Materials for Data Vault Modeling

9780692365311: Data Vault Day Course Materials: Class Materials for Data Vault Modeling

This book is a published version of the Data Vault Day (DVD) Course Materials. It is intended to be used as part of the Genesee Academy Data Vault Day course. Data Vault Modeling is a from of data modeling which supports databases that are tasked with data integration from several different sources, that are required to maintain history for analytical and for audit reasons, or both. As such data vault modeling is an emerging standard for data warehousing, business intelligence, and big data deployments were the ultimate goal is structured data in a persisted data warehouse. Data Warehouses today typically leverage some form of Ensemble Modeling. These modeling approached separate parts of concepts that are subject to change (or subject to differing interpretations) from parts that do not change. This modeling paradigm of "Unified Decomposition" creates clusters or groupings of tables that together act as one concept (person, place, thing, event, etc.). Data Vault is the leading form of Ensemble Modeling. Please see for more information on Data Vault courses.

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