Quantum Field Theory

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9780521400060: Quantum Field Theory

Quantum field theory is the basic theory of elementary particle physics. In recent years, many techniques have been developed that extend and clarify this theory. This book develops quantum field theory starting from its foundation in quantum mechanics and incorporates the most modern methods, giving a thoroughly modern pedagogic account that starts from first principles. The path integral formulation is introduced right at the beginning. The method of dimensional continuation is employed to regulate and renormalize the theory. This facilitates the introduction of the concepts of the renormalization group at an early stage. The notion of spontaneous symmetry breakdown is also introduced early on by the example of superfluid helium. Topics in quantum electrodynamics are described that have an analog in quantum chromodynamics. Some novel techniques are employed, such as the use of dimensional continuation to compute the Lamb shift. This book is appropriate as a graduate level text in theoretical physics and particle physics, and is complete with exercises for practice.

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Book Description:

Many techniques have been developed in recent years that extend and clarify quantum field theory. Incorporating the most current methods, this book starts from the theory's foundation in quantum mechanics to provide a modern pedagogic account that incorporates its first principles.


"Marked by its astute choice of topics as well as by the clarity with which they are expounded, it is akin to a toolbox for students of modern quantum field theory...a very interesting and original textbook." Pierre Raymond, Science

"...nicely self-contained text for physicists with little or no a priori knowledge of quantum field theory....I recommend the book without hesitation to QFT lecturers, who will certainly find it helpful and will no doubt enjoy some of the occasional pedagogical innovations." Jean Zinn-Justin, Physics World

"...a personal, but by no means an idiosyncratic book, to be recommended in the highest terms to students of particle physics." Lewis Ryder, The Times Higher Education Supplement

"Brown's book is distinguished by the care and clarity with which he treats the topics discussed. I sense that he has rethought everything afresh, starting from basic principles; his descriptions of topics are almost invariably better than those of earlier authors." O.W. Greenberg, Physics Today

"...anyone who masters the greater part of [Quantum Field Theory] will be very well-equipped...consistent in its writing...with plenty of substantial, but doable, exercises to provide markers on progress as well as avenues for further instruction." Mathematical Reviews

"...This is a very interesting and original textbook...the style of presentation is crisp, and the book is sprinkled with the author's understated humor. The technical discussions are lucid, compact, and easy to follow...any student who masters the techniques expounded here will emerge with a thorough knowledge of quantum field theory. I strongly recommend this book to whoever aspires to become either a particle or a condensed matter physicist." Science

"...very readable...an excellent introduction to modern techniques of quantum field theory..." Physics in Canada

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