War and the Chinese Empire (Cassell'S History Of Warfare)

9780304352876: War and the Chinese Empire (Cassell'S History Of Warfare)
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Reseña del editor:

At the same time as civilisations in Greece and Mesopotamia developed the first professional armies, Chinese military technology was the equal of anything to be found in the Middle East or Europe. From fortress cities to chariots, cavalry to military engineering, China developed along very similar lines. Faced with the constant menace of nomadic tribes to the north - ancestors of the Huns - China built the most famous fortification in the world: the Great Wall of China. By the end of the first century AD Chinese outposts were established within a few days march of the eastern frontier of the Roman Empire. Barriers of culture and language have prevented western historians from appreciating the importance of the Chinese Empire and warfare. Now, internationally acknowledged expert Ralph Sawyer has written the first serious account of Chinese military history. This is a genuinely original contribution to world history.

Biografía del autor:

Ralph Sawyer is a graduate of Harvard and National Taiwan University. A China specialist who works for clients including US military intelligence, his published works include translations of Sun-Tzu's ART OF WAR, Sun-Pin's MILITARY METHODS and ONE HUNDRED UNORTHODOX STRATEGIES.

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