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Rare & Collectible Mark Twain BooksThe Adventures of Mark Twain

Did you know that Mark Twain's real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens? During his time as a pilot on a riverboat, he picked up the term "Mark Twain", a boatsman call noting that the river was only two fathoms deep, the minimum depth for safe navigation. Twain wrote over 30 works of literature including historical fiction, short stories, nonfiction and travelogues.

Mark Twain lived a rich life full of adventure. As well as being a writer, Twain was a printer, a steamboat pilot, a gold prospector, a journalist in Nevada and San Francisco during the height of the Gold Rush, and a renowned lecturer -- known for his storytelling and stage presence. Twain died at the age of 74 on April 21, 1910.




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Tom SawyerTom Sawyer

One of those most irrepressible and exuberant characters in the history of literature, Tom Sawyer explodes onto the page in a whirl of bad behavior and incredible adventures. Whether he is heaving clods of earth at his brother, faking a gangrenous toe, or trying to convince the world that he is dead, Tom's infectious energy and good-humor shine through. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is Mark Twain's joyful and nostalgic recollection of tall tales from his own boyhood by the Mississippi some "thirty or forty years ago". It was an instant success on its first publication in 1876, and has continued to delight children of all ages ever since.

All Editions: £1.00 - £18,000.00


Christian ScienceChristian Science

Mark Twain's witty, caustic attack on Christian Science and its founder Mary Baker Eddy came about as a result of his fear in 1898, that Christian Science would spread so rapidly, it would control Congress by the 1930s. In the first paperback edition available to the public in more than 50 years, Twain analyzes Mrs. Eddy's greed, lust for power, self-dedication, and incoherent writing.

All Editions: £1.71 - £444.63


A Double Barrelled Detective StoryA Double Barrelled Detective Story
Recommended by Barbara Bilson, Books, CA, USA

Mark Twain is at his irreverent best with this hilarious parody of the 19th-century mystery - two seemingly unrelated narratives are spliced together, the author interjects himself as a character, and Twain even provides literary criticism of himself midway in the text. A Double-Barreled Detective Story is a delightful spoof of the mystery genre, then in its infancy, introducing the reader to Sherlock Holmes, as he has never been seen before or since.

Barbara Bilson, Books Edition: £51.30
All Editions: £6.84 - £427.52


A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's CourtA Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

Critically deemed one of Twain's finest and most caustic works, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court is both a delightfully entertaining story and a disturbing analysis of the efficacy of government, the benefits of progress, and the dissolution of social mores. It remains as powerful a work of fiction today as it was upon its first publication in 1889.

All Editions: £1.00 - £12,825.75


A Tramp AbroadA Tramp Abroad

In A Tramp Abroad, Mark Twain's unofficial sequel to The Innocents Abroad, the author records his hilarious and diverse observations and insights while on a fifteen-month walking trip through Central Europe and the Alps. "Here you have Twain's inimitable mix," writes Dave Eggers in his Introduction, "of the folksy and the effortlessly erudite, his unshakable good sense and his legendary wit, his knack for the easy relation of a perfect anecdote, and some achingly beautiful nature writing."

All Editions: £1.00 - £44,177.57


The Prince and the PauperThe Prince and the Pauper

Rich with surprise and hilarious adventure, The Prince And The Pauper is a delight satire of England's romantic past and a joyful boyhood romp filled with the same tongue-in-cheek irony that sparked the best of Mark Twain's tall tales. Two boys, one an urchin from London's filthy lanes, the other a prince born in a lavish palace, unwittingly trade identities.

All Editions: £1.00 - £1,658.80

Huckleberry FinnHuckleberry Finn

Revered by all of the town's children and dreaded by all of its mothers, Huckleberry Finn is indisputably the most appealing child-hero in American literature. Unlike the tall-tale, idyllic world of Tom Sawyer, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is firmly grounded in early reality. From the abusive drunkard who serves as Huckleberry's father, to Huck's first tentative grappling with issues of personal liberty and the unknown, Huckleberry Finn endeavors to delve quite a bit deeper into the complexities-both joyful and tragic of life.

All Editions: £1.00 - £11,400.66


Roughing ItRoughing It

Originally published over 100 years ago, Roughing It was Mark Twain's second major work after the success of his 1869 travel book, Innocents Abroad. This time Twain travels through the wild west of America. With relentless good humor, Twain tells of his misfortunes during the quest to strike it rich by prospecting in the silver mines. Wonderfully entertaining, Twain successfully finds humor in spite of his mishaps while also giving the reader insight into that time and place of American history. Marvelously illustrated with numerous pictures.

All Editions: £1.35 - £1,254.07


Pudd'nhead WilsonPudd'nhead Wilson

Reversed identities, an eccentric detective, a horrible crime, and a tense courtroom scene are major ingredients in Twain's witty, yet fierce condemnation of a racially prejudiced society that condoned the institution of slavery. Switched at birth by a female slave who fears for her infant son's life, a light-skinned child changes places with the master's white son. This simple premise underlies Twain's engrossing 19th-century tale of reversed identities, an eccentric detective, a horrible crime, and a tense courtroom scene. Infused with characteristic Twain humor, the novel also fiercely condemns a racially prejudiced society that condoned the institution of slavery.

All Editions: £1.00 - £17,10.10


Life on the MississippiLife on the Mississippi

In Twain's history/memoir/travel book, he writes about his early life, his experiences as a river pilot, and his return to those scenes many years later, evaluating the changes in the landscape, the political and social climate, and himself.

All Editions: £1.00 - £2,565.15


The Most Remarkable Echo in the World
Henry Morton Partridge
Recommended by Alternatives Book Shop, VA, USA

Privately Printed - By Cosmo Printing, 1933. Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket. First. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. This is a lovely book minus dj and this book was privately printed and had a limited edition. A very unsual book about Mr. Twain and his writings. Numerous illustrations.

Morgan's Bookstop Edition: £22.52
All Editions: £22.52 - £48.45