WALCH: Beschreibung einiger neuentdeckten Conchylien; [and] PARKINSON: Die Pflanzen der Insel Outahitée, aus der Parkinsonischen Reisebeschreibung gezogen, und mit Anmerkungen erläutert von Z. IN: Der Naturforscher. Volume 4

WALCH, Johann Ernst Immanuel [and] PARKINSON, Sydney

Editorial: Gebauer, 1774
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1. WALCH: Beschreibung einiger neuentdeckten Conchylien. Pp. 33 - 56, 1 hand-coloured engraved plate with six illustrations. * The first of Walch's five papers on shells in the collection of the Prince of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt. According to Walch, these shells were acquired from a London dealer by the name of Förster, who said he had acquired them 'von den Herren Bancks und Solander [.], welche beyde berühmte Männer bekanntlich den Capitain Cook auf seiner grossen Reise in die südlichen Theile von Amerika begleitet.'. * Andrews identified one of the shells described and illustrated as the New Zealand species Cantharidus opalus, the Opal Top shell, making this 'possibly the first published illustration of an animal from New Zealand, and the first paper to describe animals of any sort collected on the Cook voyages'. (Andrews 1986, p. 46). Dance identifies it as Cantharidus purpurea 'a species only known from New Zealand. This is the first published illustration of a New Zealand mollusc.' (Dance 1986, p. 69). * O'Reilly-Reitman 3261. Not in Beddie. * 2. PARKINSON: Die Pflanzen der Insel Outahitée, etc. Pp. 220 - 258, 2 folding engraved plates. * The little-known German translation of Parkinson's list of Tahitian plants, published as 'Plants of use for food, medicine etc. in Otaheite' in his Journal of a voyage to the South Seas. (1773). The folding plates show the breadfruit and the mulberry. * The translator and author of the 5-page introduction and the detailed footnotes is given as 'Z'. Mystery surrounds the identity of this translator. In his 2006 article '"Z" - the breadfruit author identified' (Willdenowia 36, pp. 589 - 593), Harald Pieper put forward Friedrich August Zorn von Plobsheim as a likely candidate. Zorn von Plobsheim was the curator of the Danzig Natural History museum. Pieper argues that as Zorn later contributed an anonymous article on shells collected on the Endeavour voyage to the "Naturforscher" (volume 7, 1775 ), he must also be the translator of this section of Parkinson's Journal. In his article Pieper also points to the fact that Banks donated a large number of ethnographic objects to the Danzig society in 1779. As Zorn von Plobsheim was not a trained botanist, Pieper suggests that the Danzig botanist Gottfried Reyger may have assisted Zorn with the translation. * We have now found some further evidence that points to Zorn von Plobsheim as the translator. In his 1778 description of the collections in the Danzig Natural History museum (published as a chapter in Bernoulli's Reisen durch Brandenburg, Pommern, Preussen etc.), Zorn also gives a brief 2-page account of the library. Here we learn that the most prized book in the library of the society was a copy of Parkinson's Journal. It is the only book in this account listed with its title. Zorn writes "Noch ein seltenes und nach Deutschland wohl in nicht häufigen Exemplaren gekommenes Werk ist: Parkinson's Voyage of Capitain Cooke, 4. London 1773. Es ist solches nach den Originalgemälden von dem geschickten Sidney Parkinson, durch deren Bruder Stanfield Parkinson herausgegeben, und die Kupfertafeln ganz unvergleichlich nachilluminiert worden." What is also most interesting about this reference to Parkinson's Journal, is the fact that it is described as 'nachilluminiert', i. e. hand-coloured. While there are a few known coloured copies of the second edition of 1784, we are aware of only one hand-coloured copy of the first edition in the Mitchell Library. The plates in this copy are contre epreuves, i.e. they are fairly weak impressions of reversed images 'counter-printed' from another freshly printed image, and therefore show no plate marks. * We know from Andrews (2000) that Zorn and Banks established contact with each other through Karl Woide, the pastor to the German community in London. We also know that Banks received 'Der Naturforscher' for his library, and that this German translation of Parkinson's list of plants is separately listed in his library. N° de ref. de la librería

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Título: WALCH: Beschreibung einiger neuentdeckten ...
Editorial: Gebauer
Año de publicación: 1774

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