How to be a Sexual God: (In 3 Easy Lessons)

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Editorial: BookSurge Publishing, 2007
ISBN 10: 1419662155 / ISBN 13: 9781419662157
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Sinopsis: This short course will make you socially adept in dealing with women for the rest of your life, and instruct you in the subtle arts of mastering great relationships. Two books are condensed into one comprehensive volume. The first provides a brutally honest, detailed analysis of every woman you will ever date: her strengths, weaknesses, her desires, and her most closely-guarded secrets - including how to spot her in a crowd, how to seduce her, and how to be rid of her if and when you no longer desire her company. The second book explores highly advanced concepts of manipulation and seduction utilized by the world's greatest pick-up artists and marketing masters. This text is presented to you without judgment, in such a way as to challenge everything you believe, so that you may examine your own mind, and break free from the manipulation of the women you desire most. The context is laid out using Astrology as a guidepost to shorten the learning curve, and help you get results fast.

From the Author: This is a basic book, but the basics are the foundation of success. Basics are EASY TO LEARN but essential to master, or you will keep failing, even though you try all kinds of "patterns" and "programming" of women, and "game." DO WHAT WORKS! This book covers, in great detail but using as few words as necessary to get the point across, exactly where to find the type of girls YOU want to meet, and what to say to them. If you read and master this one book you will do well with women forever, without having to spend hundreds of dollars on home-study courses or thousands of dollars on seminars: and make no mistake: thousands of men do. I know: I have attended those seminars as a guest teacher. 
Here are some basics you need to know in order to do well with women (generally speaking--of course occasional exceptions exist):

  1. When you meet a girl for the first time, several factors will decide how "hot" she thinks you are and how fast she will try to please you. If  you are a rock star and it is your concert, you are a 10 and she is a 3, or even a 2. You are in total control of your interaction and she will do all kinds of things she never tells mommy and daddy--all to impress you with her sex-appeal. On the other hand, if you are at a party and she has spent 3 hours perfecting her look (dress, hair, make-up, attitude, etc.) and is surrounded by her friends and several dumb guys all pawing at her, she is now at the 9-10 part of the scale psychologically and you are anywhere from 2 to 7 at best. She is in control. It is even worse at a club, where you are expected to spend money and time impressing her.
  2. You can change the balance of power at any time. You do this by thinking ahead. You know what you are good at. You know your strengths (and weaknesses) and you should always have some of your strengths on display. Don't be like that reality TV-show star who is always taking off his shirt to show off his abs. That is just stupid and gets old very fast. But make sure that you are always projecting your best qualities, even if they seem to go unseen. You can also increase your sexual identity by being different--by subtly asserting your unique identity. Being yourself--being different, or non-generic shows a girl that you have the confidence she does not. You can be whomever you want because you don't care about what other people say or think about you--you are having too much fun in life being you. This is imperative to master. Girl's want to have fun, not be pawed and worshiped by another cretin (loser) with noting exciting to offer. Going back to #1 (above); if you are in your moment of power (e.g. you are a jock at the football game, or you are the chess master and you are in the championship finals, and so on...) you radiate power and generic appeal that you do not when you are wearing a suit and tie at work, in your cubicle, on Wednesday afternoon. But, if you have some small but noticeable "thing" about you that piques women's interest (and you don't have to impress every one of them) you will find them much more interested in you and your confidence will rise naturally from all of the extra attention.
  3. Always make friends with women. It is a cliché that women never have sex with their friends. (This is a lie--a LOT of women have sex with their friends; when they are drunk, when their friends are hot, when they are lonely, when they realize they "really like" their friends...), but making friends with women disempowers and demystifies women in general. They are no longer foreign objects, or strange creatures from the planet "I want some of that!" You easily become comfortable with women in general which makes it easier for you to be comfortable with the women you want to do all kinds of fun things with. By contrast, if you cannot make casual friends with women you will have a much harder time getting the ones you want to do ANYTHING you want. Go easy on yourself; practice being yourself on your women friends. Practice increasing your sexual appeal with people (female ones) who already like you. This will make it infinitely easier to approach the super-hotties you can't seem to stop drooling over. It will also help your sexual prowess, as getting with a girl won't be such a huge accomplishment that your body gets all orgasmic on you at the thought of her touching you.
These are just a few quick tidbits to work on. Try my book. It is cheap and easy. And it really does work--it is the "basic" foundation that every successful PUA masters. When you are tired of spending money on secret tricks and super-advanced techniques that are hard to master--come back and get real results.

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Título: How to be a Sexual God: (In 3 Easy Lessons)
Editorial: BookSurge Publishing
Año de publicación: 2007
Encuadernación: Paperback
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