“The Rev. H. Moseley on a Machine for Calculating the Products, Quotients, Logarithms, and Powers of Numbers. (With a Plate.)”

Henry Moseley (plus Draper, Boole, Hamilton, Joule, and many others)

Editorial: The London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science, 1847
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Moseley, Henry. (1801-1872) “The Rev. H. Moseley on a Machine for Calculating the Products, Quotients, Logarithms,and Powers of Numbers. (With a Plate.)”, appearing on pp 171-177 in "The London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science", volume XXX, January-June 1847, printed in London by Richard and John F. Taylor. 8vo, vii, 536pp, 4 plates. Bound in half calf, with raised bands; embossed on the covers is the attractive gilt stamp for the Society of Writers to the Signet. The spine is scuffed and missing one of the two spine labels; the text is fresh and crisp. Good copy. $600 +++Moseley was a cleric and mathematician, author of a number of books and articles, and at one time professor of natural philosophy at King's College; he is perhaps best remembered for developing the formula to calculate the stabilities of war ships (Debus, A.G., World's Who's Who of Science). (Moseley was by the way the father of Henry Nottidge Moseley and the grandfather of the great Henry G.J. Moseley and the Moseley we most remember (1887-1915). +++Moseley writes in the opening paragraphs of this paper proposing the idea of a calculating machine, seemingly (to me ) a 3-D thought experiment, describing in theory how such a machine could work. It is frankly difficult for me to follow, though it is interesting to say the least, especially for 1847. He explains: “I HAVE proposed to myself in the construction of this machine, to determine mechanically the products, quotients, logarithms, squares, square roots, and other powers and roots of the natural numbers, by means of combinations of greater simplicity than have hitherto been applied to the purposes of mechanical calculation.” The design for the instrument looks like a pyramidal funnel with a screw gearworks operating a round wheel on the continuous bolt.++++Other works in this volume include some very big names: *Draper, John W. "On Production of Light by Heat", pp 345-360 ("ALTHOUGH the phaenomenon of the production of light by all solid bodies, when their temperature is raised to a certain degree, is one of the most familiar in chemistry, no person so far as I know has hitherto attempted a critical investigation of it."). This may be the most significant paper in this volume. Draper, John W. “Mr. J. W. Draper's Remarks on the Existence and Mechanism of the Negative or Protecting Rays of the Sun”, .pp 87; Boole, George. “Mr. G. Boole's Remarks on the Rev. B. Bronwin's Method for Differential Equations”, pp 6-8; Boole, George. “Mr. G. Boole's Note on a Class of Differential Equations”, pp. 96-97; Joule, John Prescott. “Mr. J. P. Joule and Dr. Lyon Playfair on the Maximum Density of Water”, pp 41-47; Joule, John Prescott. “Mr. J. P. Joule on the Effects of Magnetism upon the Dimensions of Iron and Steel Bars”, pp 76-86; Joule, John Prescott. “J. P. Joule on the Effects of Magnetism, &c. upon the Dimensions of Iron and Steel Bars”, pp 225-241; Airy, G.B. “The Astronomer Royal on Sir David Brewster's New Analysis of Solar Light”, pp 73-76 WITH: “Sir David Brewster's Reply to the Astronomer Royal on the New Analysis of Solar Light”, pp 153-158; Henry, Joseph. “Prof. J. Henry on the Induction of Atmospheric Electricity on the Wires of the Electric Telegraph”, pp 186-194; Foucault, Leon and Belfield Lefevre. “On a Method of producing Lights and Shades in equal perfection in Daguerreotype Pictures, by MM. Belfield Lefevre and Leon Foucault”, pp 213-214; Becquerel, Edmond. “Observations on the Experiments of Messrs. Foucaultand Fizeau, relative to the action of the Red Rays in Daguerreotype Plates”,pp 214-218; Brewster, David. “On the Knowledge of Distance given by Binocular Vision. (With a Plate.)”, pp 305-318 (delightful!); Hamilton, William Rowan. “On Quaternions ; or on a New System of Imaginaries in Algebra', pp 458-460; Brewster, David. “Sir D. Brewster's Observations on the Analysis of the Spectrum by Absorption”, pp 461-462; N° de ref. de la librería

Detalles bibliográficos

Título: “The Rev. H. Moseley on a Machine for ...
Editorial: The London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science
Año de publicación: 1847
Encuadernación: Hardcover
Condición del libro: Good

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