Oil on the Brain songsheet


Año de publicación: 1864
Usado / No binding / Cantidad: 0
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Printed Document. "Oil on the Brain," New York, H. De Marsan, n.d., [ca. 1864]. 1 p., 6 1/2 x 10 in. ExcerptThe Yankees boast that they make clocksWhich "just beat all Creation;"They never made one could keep timeWith our Great Speculation.Out stocks, like clocks, go with a spring:Wind up. run down again;But all our strikes are sure to causeOil on the brain. There's various kinds of oil a-float:Cod-Liver, Castor sweet:Which tend to make a sick man well,And set him on his feet;But ours a curious feat performs:We just a well obtain,And set the people crazy withOil on the brain. There's neighbor Smith, a poor young man,Who could not raise a dime,Had clothes that boasted many rents,And took his "Nip" on time:But now he's clad in Dandy style,Sports diamonds, kids and cane.And his success was, owing toOil on the brain. Miss Simple drives her coach and four,And dresses in high style;And Mr. Shoddy courts her strong,Because her Dad's struck fie.Her jewels, laces velvets silks,Of which she is so vain.Were bought by Dad the time he hadOil on the brain.You meet a friend upon the street:He greets you with a smile,And tells you, in a hummed way,He's "just gone into île;"He button-holds you half an hour:Of course, you can't complain;For, you, can see the fellow hasOil on the brain, The Lawyers, Doctors, Hatters, Clerks,Industrious and lazy,Have put their money all in stocks:In fact, have gone ôil-crazy;They'd better stick to briefs and pills,Hot-irons, ink and pen,Or they will "kick the bucket" fromOil on the brain. Poor Mrs Jones was taken ill,The doctors gave her up;They lost the confidence they hadIn lancet, leech and cup;Afflictions sore long time she bore,Physicians were in vain:And she, at last, expired ofOil on the brain. There's: Maple-Shade, ExcelsiorBull-Creek Big-Tank. Dalzell:And Key-Stone, Star, Venango,Baggs,None Organic, Luna, Tarrell,Petroleum, Saint-Nicholas,Conn. Planter, New-Creek Vein:Sure 'tis no wonder many haveOil on the brain.Historical BackgroundAttributed in other sources to "Eastman" or Joseph Winner in 1864, this comic composition reflects the economic importance of Edwin Drake's discovery of oil in Titusville, Pennsylvania, in 1859. Soon, this and similar works poking fun at the oil industry and its participants were being sung in a nation that looked forward to postwar prosperity driven by a new fuel source. N° de ref. de la librería

Detalles bibliográficos

Título: Oil on the Brain songsheet
Año de publicación: 1864
Encuadernación: No binding
Condición del libro: Fine

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