La balada de los Tres Inocentes

9788485848812: La balada de los Tres Inocentes

107pp , theatrical collection of Spanish authors , Arts Escenico Issue 65 , SGAE, copy not for sale . ABOUT THE BOOK : A small town of any Castilian corner decade of 70-80 . We are at Easter. Don Pio, the pastor waits impatiently , over breakfast , the visit of Bishop arriving from Madrid. Mary, her sister , secretly, is sobbing . He has had a sentimental encounter with Paco , young Civil Guard, which lies in the bed of his mother. With its ardor has done with him . Vittorio , after the Civil Guard and close friend of Pius , learned of the death of Paco , tries to lift a crowded , but to threats of parish priest , decided to hide the body . Pura, the mother of Pius , arrives in Madrid, after undergoing psychiatric treatment. Comes made a vampire and requires Vittorio you tell your child 's relationship with them . Pius becomes frantic . ¿ Bishop 's visit will mean a promotion in the career of Pius ? ¿ Bishop discover the body? ¿ Pura Convict his son Vittorio 's pregnant ? Is Paco really dead ? and reaches the Mayor ... ABOUT THE AUTHOR : Herrero, Pedro Mario . Director and screenwriter , playwright, novelist, journalist , war correspondent ... Pedro Mario Herrero born in Valdesoto ( parish council or Asturian town of Siero ) on November 21, 1929 , and spent much of his childhood and youth in Langreo , maintaining a special relationship with the coalfields . He died in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz ) on 25 March 2005. His interest in the big screen led him to Paris to study film direction by the American director Jules Dassin . He made his film debut as a screenwriter. His filmography as such include the following titles : The gang of eight (1962 ) , Tulio Demicheli ; Rehearsal for death ( 1963 ) , Julio Coll ; Elected ( 1963) Tulio Demicheli ; The child and the Wall (1964 ) , Ismael Rodríguez ; The First Adventure ( 1964) Tulio Demicheli ; The Barrier ( 1965) Singles Club (1967 ) ,Goodbye, lamb ! ( 1969) and If you're dead , why dance? (1970 ) , plus all movies

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