Mbudi Mbudi Na Mhanga (The Bat and the Orycteropus – Aardvaark)

9788460902126: Mbudi Mbudi Na Mhanga (The Bat and the Orycteropus – Aardvaark)

Mbudi Mbudi na mhanga (The Bat and the Orycteropus - Aardvaark) is the name of one of the "fable-songs" which make up the Simu repertory of the Wagogo of Tanzania and from which the title of the book-CD is taken. Its contents reveal the children's world within a small village through its music, a sign of identity as important as language, culture, religion, etc. It contains information on the socio-cultural context (habitat, language, history, etc.) and the role music plays in the Wagogos' lives. It includes a section of Field Logbooks, written in the form of short stories, that record impressions and conversations with the Gogo musicians and reveal the inherent contrasts, the interchange of criteria and opinions between the investigator and those investigated, inviting the reader to reflect on essential aspects of our shared existence. The book comes with 2 CDs of music recorded on location and performed by Gogo children and adolescents. Text and music are aimed at a very broad public: children, adolescents, adults, students, teachers, musicians, musicologists, anthropologists, adventurers, storytellers, the curious, libraries... and in general to anyone that wants to discover and get to know one of the many extraordinary treasures to be found on the African continent: its music

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