Philip K. Dick En La Tierra Sombria

ISBN 13: 9788435002165

En La Tierra Sombria

9788435002165: En La Tierra Sombria

208pp , nebulae science fiction collection No 26..SOBRE THE BOOK : The novella and stories of Philip K. Dick show the most fertile speculative mind which distinguishes his novels , plus an almost extravagant exuberant love , by an impetuous melodramatic action. The reader will discover in these images of the future , reflections of our own society as well as a characteristic qualities of Dick : the chilling symbolism of a content absoluta..Índice 7-34 nightmare in the dark earth ( Upon the Dull Earth) [ Story ] 1954 Philip K. Dick ( translation Norma B. Lopez ) 35-56 The perfect client ( Captive Market) [ Short Story ] 1955 Philip K. Dick ( translation Norma B. Lopez ) 57-84 Syndrome withdrawal ( Retreat Syndrome) [ Story ] 1965 Philip K. Dick ( translation Norma B. Lopez ) 85-96 reptiles ( the Crawlers) [ Short Story ] 1954 Philip K. Dick ( translation Norma B. Lopez ) 97 Who-120 medubel out ! (Oh , to Be a Blobel !) [ Short Story ] 1964 Philip K. Dick ( Translation Norma B. Lopez ) 121-186 What they say the dead ( What the Dead Men Say) [ Short Story ] 1964 Philip K. Dick ( translation Norma B. Lopez ) 187-208 the price of imitation (Pay for the Printer) [ Short Story ] 1956 Philip K. Dick ( Norma B. translation of López..SOBRE tHE AUTHOR : Philip Kindred Dick (Chicago , USA, December 16, 1928 - . . Santa Ana , California , USA , March 2, 1982 ) , better known as Philip K. Dick , was a prolific writer and science fiction novelist who influenced notably in the genre . Dick treated subjects like sociology , politics and metaphysics in his early novels , which dominated monopolistic corporations, authoritarian governments , and altered states of consciousness. in his later works , Dick 's thematic focus strongly reflected his personal interest in metaphysics and theology. he often drew on his own life experience , reflected his obsession with drugs , paranoia and schizophrenia in novels such as a Scanner Darkly and VALIS .4 the novel the Man in the High Castle , won

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