Hama 1000mA "Global" "Universa"l- "power adapter USB Travel Charger" with UK/US/EU Plug Adapters for "Apple iPhone 4 4s 5 5s 5c 6 (4.7") 6 Plus Mobile Phones" Universal Charger (Black)-MB®

9787410251765: Hama 1000mA

The ultimate travel charger! When travelling, the last thing you want is to be without entertainment or direction. Mobile phones provide the ideal portable entertainment especially to pass the time when on a long journey or when in a foreign country where the TV or radio may be in a completely different language. However, mobile phones often come with chargers that involve having on hand access to a UK mains socket, which in reality is impossible when outside of the UK.Worldwide Adaptability from Hama! With this Micro USB Travel Charger UK Plug from Hama you will never have to be without your mobile phone, no matter whether you are in the UK, USA or Europe. All you need to do to charge your mobile phone device is attach the relevant adapter for the specific country you are in, plug it in to any mains socket and then plug in your phone for fast and efficient power. It has a charging current of 1000mAh which ensures for a fast charge speed and the built in LED indicator will show you the charging status of your phone. Furthermore, this device complies with European Energy-using Products (EuP) guidlines (2005/32/EC) and therefore has a very high energy efficiency.Ultra compact and portable it can also easily fit in your bag, or luggage and weighs very little. Keep your mobile phone charged whilst travelling with this Hama Micro USB Travel Charger UK Plug.Box Contains 1 "micro USB" travel.Furthermore, because travelling necessitates short stops and frequently changing location, the charger has been designed to charge very quickly, featuring a 1000mA capacity. Ideal for use while travelling, this Travel Charger set can be a valuable addition to any set of luggage. Specification: Power supply adaptors for Europe, UK, and the USA included Ideal for travel with compact construction, 100-240V switchable power mode ,USB output: 5V/1000mA, Black.

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