Cucchi/Gorry/Fuge Cuban Harleys, Mi Amor

ISBN 13: 9783981602340

Cuban Harleys, Mi Amor

9783981602340: Cuban Harleys, Mi Amor

Cuba is a country full of contradictions. This opulent photography book illustrates some of those contradictions through Harlistas, those Cubans who ride American Harley-Davidson motorcycles despite the economy of scarcity which predominates on the island. For almost 60 years when it was impossible to buy spare parts, these bikers kept their Harleys on the road - they are ingenious, totally on their own and full of tricks. This book illustrates every day Cuban life from the perspective of an intriguing subculture. The Harlista stories contained herein provide deep insight into Socialism as it exists in Cuba today. With 50 portraits and thrilling text, this book is much more than a report about vintage motorcycles. This is Cuba from the inside - real and contradictory, but optimistic nevertheless. Over ten years in the making, the 50 portraits tell unique, and yet typical Cuban stories: Farmer Hector's Harley saved is daughter's life, Pipi smuggled half a dozen bikes to Miami, Cheito is 104 years old and met the founders of Harley-Davidson and Ronmel can repair a flat tire with some gas and an old piston. Adriana is the only woman who rides a Harley-Davidson in Cuba today. The lawyer disregards prevailing machismo attitudes and stuns male Cubans with her riding prowess. Now other Cuban women want to follow her example. Ernesto, son of famous revolutionary "Che" Guevara, follows in his father's footsteps as a biker. He so loves the Yankee bikes that he no longer works as a lawyer but as a mechanic. Leonid is so named because the day he was born, Leonid Breshnev (head of the former USSR) landed in Cuba. Every day the diving teacher clatters about on his Harley and in fact, named his son "Harley" in homage.

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