The Bible of Generator Protection Engineering

9783000526558: The Bible of Generator Protection Engineering
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Learn everything you have to know to start as a commissioning engineer. You get all the crucial facts that we need to know and our entire experience about the process of generator protection commissioning on over 200 pages.

The book is designed as a handy on-site pocket-sized reference tool, a readily available reference work for professionals, and also a How-To-Do-Guide for plant operators; who, due to ever-shrinking project and maintenance budgets, are increasingly finding themselves having to turn their hand to these matters. Not only that, it will also give students and first-time employees an illuminating insight into the "secret world" of generator protection engineering.

You learn:

The Basics:
You learn every essential commissioning detail of electrical generator systems and you will get full access to all protection tests which have to be done. The secrets of commissioning - the Holy Grail - are about to be unveiled!

Current Transformer:
Everything you have to know about CT's:
Burden measuring (CT & secondary burden), Polarity & Wiring check, Insulation test (CT and Circuit), Measuring of winding resistance and ratio, Grounding & core assignment check

Voltage Transformer: Burden measuring (CT & Circuit burden), Wiring check star- & open-delta winding, ratio test, Insulation- & secondary burden test, Visual check, what's important?

Primary Check
Current- & voltage test, Ground fault test, Load- & reverse power test, Synchronization

Ground Fault Protection
Rotor GF with non-power frequency injection, Rotor GF with power frequency injection, 90% Stator gound fault protection (SGP), 100% SGP 3rd harmonic, 100% SGP 20-Hz-method

We show you the commissioning secrets for synchronization systems! With our professional way of "test check" nothing can go wrong.

+ additional important formulas and facts!

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