SOJO V.E. - Obras Vol. 1: Melodias Venezolanas (5) para Guitarra (Diaz)

9782848580173: SOJO V.E. - Obras Vol. 1: Melodias Venezolanas (5) para Guitarra (Diaz)
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Cantico, Aguinaldo, Canción, Aire Venezolano, Galerón The father of Venezuelan music Vicente Emilio Sojo is not only one the most significant figures in the cultural history of Venezuela but alsoa moral and intellectual reference of the highest importance. Sojo was born in 1887 in Guatire, inthe State of Miranda. He began his musical studies with the Maestro de Capilla, Regulo Rico. At theage of 19 he settled in Caracas and took his lessons at the Escuela de Música y Declamacion with Andrés Delgado Pardo, Ignacio Bustamente and Eduardo Richter. In 1923 he became a teacher at the Ecuela Superior de Música, and was named director of that school in 1936, retiring in1973, just one year before his death. In 1930, Vicente Emilio Sojo created the Venezuelan Symphony Orchestra and founded the Orféon Lamas, two of the most prestigious musical institutions in Venezuela. His work as botha teacher and researcher was extraordinary and he taught many of the greatest performers and composers of his country. Vicente Emilio Sojo composed a large and important corpus of music including the String quartet in 1913, the Misa Coral in 1915, the Misa Chromatica and the Misa a Santa Eduvigis in 1924, the Misa a Santa Efigenia in 1935. Other religious works : Motets, a Cantata de Navidad,the Requiem in Memoriam Patris Patriae ; choral and vocal works ; pieces for guitar and piano ; childrenŽs songs and numerous arrangements and harmonisations of traditional, folk and popular melodiesfrom Venezuela. He worked with devotion in the research ; compilation and harmonisation of a vast repertoire of traditional Venezuela music which would otherwise certainly have been lost and would have disappeared from the musical memory of his country. Vicente Emilio Sojo was a strong opponent of his countryŽs dictatorship and was elected as a senator on several occasions. He became an importantfigure in the democratic life of Venezuela. He died in Caracas on 11 August 1974.

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