Get Bent

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Get Bent

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9781934071014: Get Bent

GET BENT collects 23 stories of a popular form rock band slash known as the "seduction of a straight man" tale. There are as many ways to tell the seduction of a straight man story as there are rock songs. These 23 barely begin to scratch the surface. Featuring stories by Highway Joe, sidewinder, heavvymetalqueen, ScrewTheDaisies, Mad Andy, Feel For Faith, Hector_Rashbaum, Scotchy, Crue Ella, Joolz, Fiara Ranger, Bella Cheval, Evaine, Fiendess and Hank.

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From the Publisher:

Neither Rockfic Press nor the authors are associated with any of the bands or musicians mentioned in GET BENT. Neither the bands nor the musicians endorse the stories in GET BENT. The stories in GET BENT are entirely fictional.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.:

Introduction by ScrewTheDaisies

A large segment of the world's population finds men attractive.

A smaller segment within the first finds male rock stars attractive. Not necessarily "attractive" in the sense that they'd actually sleep with one (though some would), but attractive in the sense that they'll happily enjoy watching some of these men in music videos or up on stage, and they might even entertain a fantasy or ten in the privacy of their heads.

"Attracted to", it should be noted, when we're talking from the point of view of women does not ever necessarily mean "wants to have sex with." A more accurate definition of "I find him attractive" would be "He engages my imagination".

All of this talk about people finding rock stars attractive is hardly news to most people. But now let me point out that a smaller yet slice of the pie finds not just male rock stars attractive, but also finds the idea of male rock stars lusting after, angsting over, falling in love with and/or fucking other men (usually other male rock stars) to be...whoa. For some people--women mainly, but some men here and there, too--male rock star + male rock star = definite imagination engagement.

Finally, a segment of this population has the talent and creativity to imagine fictional stories about such things and share it with anyone else who has an interest in it. And that is how you ended up with this book in your hands. Ahead you will find twenty-three stories written by people whose imaginations go into overdrive at the idea of one man wanting, needing or using another--but not just men, though. Rock stars. It's gotta be rock stars.



You looked at the picture on the cover, turned the book's title over in your head; you read on the back that the stories were all about seducing straight right now, if you didn't buy this book with foreknowledge of the term ‘slash fiction', you're thinking "gay porn--and with rockstars no less!"

And you're close! (Kind of.)

These stories are what's called "slash", slash being fiction where the primary plot element is that one or more of the characters are involved with/interested in/fucking/whatever a character of the same sex. Slash can be hot--it can be smoking hot...but it's not, necessarily nor automatically, gay porn. I'm saying this here and now so that those of you who picked up this book thinking, "Yes, gay porn!" can adjust your thinking a notch before plunging in, avoiding some potential disappointment.

One thing that separates slash from gay porn is that in slash fic, you aren't guaranteed a sex scene. Porn always has sex, generally very explicit sex. If you add something besides sex to porn, it elevates the porn to erotica, but erotica still doesn't necessarily equal slash.

For every sexually explicit slash fic you find, there will be another that fades to black--or one that starts after the sex is over. In some stories, the sex never happens at all--one man is interested in another, but the interest isn't returned. Slash fiction is not so much about the actualities of hot gay sex (though there can be that); it's about exploring the "what if?"--what if Tommy Lee wants Vince Neil, but Vince isn't interested in playing along? What then? And what if Nicko McBrain wakes up in his hotel room to find two of the other Iron Maiden guys getting up to something a bit unexpected? Slash fiction isn't just about "How hot would that be?"; often it's about "How would he react? What would he think? What would he do next? And then what would happen after that, and how would he feel about that, and what would he do next from there?"

Another thing that separates slash from gay porn is the obstacle. Porn, being a fantasy, tends to puts few (or zero!) obstacles in the way of the characters getting what they want. They throw character A and character B into a setting--leather bar, Pride parade, latrine, barracks, etc.--and then the sex starts. When the sex ends, so does the story. With slash fiction, there is almost always some complication in the way of character A getting what he's after. It may be external: where can we get some privacy? (and they get walked-in on wherever they escape to) Or internal: he's my bandmate...and a guy...and what if someone finds out and what if I'm reading him wrong and what if it's a practical joke and....

You'll find a lot of complications in GET BENT. But good news: if you are here for the gay porn, you should find a fair amount of sex here, too.

Whatever you're here for, we hope you have fun!

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