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9781888009309: Complete set of No More Fun & Games

No More Fun and Games, A Journal of Female Liberation First radical women's journal of theory and analysis with classic articles. Published by Cell 16, Boston, from 1968 through 1973. These influential articles have been widely cited and anthologized; here they are in their original context in the very books that made history. Contributors include Roxanne Dunbar, Dana Densmore, Betsy Warrior, Jayne West, Abby Rockefeller, Marilyn Terry, Lisa Leghorn, Ellen O'Donnell, Donna Allen, Hilary Langhorst, Patricia Murphy Robinson, Jeanne Lafferty, Gail Murray, Stella Kingsbury, Mary Ann Weathers, Indra Allen, Eleni Porphyry, Jessie Bernard, Robin Morgan, and others. These are the original journals (all original except for Issue #1, which sold out immediately and was reprinted in 1969), long unavailable and very rare. Includes the complete set of the six issues plus the 1970 reprint volume of Densmore articles. Issue 1 Untitled - October 1968 80 pages. Includes: Slavery, What is to be Done?, Asexuality, On Celibacy, On Female Enslavement...and Men's Stake in It, Our Place in the Universe, Should Girls Say Yes to Boys Who Say No?, Dress to Go Human In, Women and the Radical Movement, The Psychological Castration of the Female. And others. Issue 2, No More Fun and Games- February 1969 128 pages. Includes: Sex Roles and Their Consequences: Research in Female and Male Differences, What Do You Women Want?, The Slave's Stake in the Home, An Argument for Black Women's Liberation as a Revolutionary Force, Che's Achilles Heel, Sex and the Single Girl, Man as an Obsolete Life Form, American Radicalism: A Diseased Product of a Diseased Society, The Oppression of the Male Today, On the Temptation to be a Beautiful Object, Against Liberals, On Sisterhood, Who is the Enemy?, Female Liberation as the Basis for Social Revolution. And others. Issue 3 The Dialectics of Sexism- November 1969 116 pages. Includes: Chivalry--The Iron Hand in the Velvet Glove, Writing a Leaflet/More Slain Girls, Women of the Ruling Class, The Orgasm Mystique, Where Are You Women Going?, Women's Magazines & Womanhood, 1969; Part I: Sex, Caste and Class, The Man's Problem, Sexual Liberation-More of the Same Thing, Are Men the Enemy? An Examination, Battle Lines, Females and Welfare, The Quiet Ones. And others. Issue 4 The Female State- April 1970 116 pages. Includes: Who is Saying Men Are the Enemy?, Speech is the Form of Thought, Without You and Within You, Tarzan Had Long Hair Too, Tell A Woman, How We Are Lunatized, Feminism Undermines, Women's Magazines & Womanhood, 1969; Part II: Marriage, The Protection Hoax, Why Can't Men Listen to Women? Eve's Sex Under God's Law, Violence and Self Defense, Using Self Defense, And others. Issue 5, The First Revolution- July 1971 128 pages. Includes: The Dating Fraud, Disarm Rapists, On Communication, Tae Kwon Do, The Women's Revolution: The Political Significance of the Genetic Differences Between Men and Women, The Man Problem: Ego and Adulthood, On Unity, Guilt Prevents Thought About Behavior, Slavery or a Labor of Love, The Politics of Rock Culture. And others. Issue 6, Tell A Woman - May 1973 192 pages. Includes: Sex: The Basis of Sexism, Why I am Celibate, Women vs. the Medical Profession, On Rape, On Masochism, On Self Defense, Rules for an Intellectual Discussion with a Man. Mr. Freud's Castration Fantasy, What Are You Supposed to Do if You Like Children?, On Loving 'A Woman', And others. Bonus Book: Females and Liberation: a collection of articles by Dana Densmore. - August 1970. The famous red anthology. Includes: Who Claims Men are the Enemy?, Chivalry: The Iron Hand in the Velvet Glove, More Slain Girls, Speech is the Form of Thought, Tarzan Had Long Hair Too, and Without You and Within You.

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