WebFOCUS Keysheet Release 8.0.2 (Quick Reference Guide)

9781626207356: WebFOCUS Keysheet Release 8.0.2 (Quick Reference Guide)

From the original creators of the Keysheets. Full color, spiral bound, lies flat. Concise, precise tech reference book. 13 Chapters covering the language of WebFOCUS on many platforms thru Release 8.0.2 in an easy to use format. Large Index. Make your life easier - Look it up quickly! Consiered the "BIBLE" for WebFOCUS. Chapters: 1. General Includes Field Formats allowed, Relational Tests, Use Command, Let Command, Date/Time Fields, Query Options. 2, Development Tools Includes information on Script Files, Script Variables, Whence Command, Dashboard Variables and Dashboard Settings 3. Calculations Covers the variety of Mathematical Expressions, 19 pages of Functions, Numeric Conversions, Mathematical Rules. 4. Reports Includes Define rules, Sorting rules, Computes, Filters and Screens, File Formats, 4 Pages of Hold and Save Formats, Match, Universal Concatenation, 10 pages devoted to Style Sheets. 5. Graphs 57 Pages devoted to creating all kinds of Graphs in WebFOCUS, with a huge array of Graph options and settings. 6. Dialogue Manager Covers the Dialogue Manager commands allowed in WebFOCUS along with the Variables and System Variables that can be used in your code. 7. Forms Covers Html Forms for WebFOCUS. 8. Master File (Metadata) Covers File structure and Keywords used to describe Data files. 9. Maintenance Includes Combine, Create, Modify, Maintain. 10. EDA & ReportCaster Configuration Files, Server STart and Stop, Workspace Manager, API Variables. 11. SQL SQL Passthru, great table with SQL Interface Capabilities delineated,EDA/IWAY Data Type Mapping 12. SET 17 Pages of SET Commands. 13. Platforms File-ID's, CMS files and Filedef, MVS/TSO Files and Filedefs, Unix, Open VMS. EXTENSIVE INDEX!! Perfect complement to the color, hyperlinked PDF offered by Aviter.

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