Hidden World Number 5: The True Story Of The Shaver And Inner Earth Mysteries

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9781606110577: Hidden World Number 5: The True Story Of The Shaver And Inner Earth Mysteries



Since 1943 the complete realities of the Shaver and other Inner Earth Mysteries have been withheld; now here is the whole TRUTH at last -- and nothing but the truth in this reprint of a rare collection.

Richard Shaver claims to have knowledge of an underground race of beings known as the Dero who have for centuries continued to torment surface dwellers with their ancient death and mind control rays.

Skeptics ridiculed Shaver and editor Ray Palmer when the original articles started to appear in what was supposed to be a science fiction magazine, but thousand of readers contacted Amazing Stories and said they had contact with underworld dwellers themselves and provided all sorts of weird experience to establish their claims.

The circulation of the magazine rose by 30 percent and ran articles by Shaver for years before Palmer was told by the powers that be to cancel any further stories on the subject.

In the 1960s, Palmer now defunct Amherst Press released 16 volumes of rare Shaver material. The books, when available, now sell for approiximately $80 each. We are reprinting each of the 16 volumes one at a time for collectors at a very moderate price.

In this issue Shaver writes on subjects not previously editorialized without the help of publisher Palmer who often tried to lead Richard Shaver in a different direction with his rewrites.

This include contains:

The Shaver Mystery Fact? Fiction? Theory? Science?

Deeds of the Elder Race.

Exploring the Occult Explanation.

The True Sorceress - Ladies Of The Cavern World.

Special Introduction by Richard Toronto, Editor Shavertron web site.

In addition to the feature, It's Not All In Your Head. . .The Mind Rovers Exposed written by Shaver himself.

The first five volumes out of a sex of sixteen are now available and should be a welcome addition to any collector who is fascinated by ancient societies, subterranean mysteries and the idea that a mutant race is behind at least some of the UFOs seen in our sky, control world leaders, and wish to turn us into slaves.

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