Pixie Kin 2009 Wall Calendar

9781602371118: Pixie Kin 2009 Wall Calendar

Between the worlds of Elsewhere and Overthere lies the Land of the Pixie Kin, a realm filled with fanciful faeries, mysterious mermaids, wily witches and castaway creatures. The faeries of Pixie Kin are a colorful and vivacious tribe. Born of whimsy, stitched with humor and dotted with daring, these faeries flit from their Pixie Kin homes to visit humans in everyday situations. That bright spot at the edge of your vision, that floating dandelion wish in the breeze, that streak of light dancing behind your eyelids are proof of their existence. Canadian artist Paulina Cassidy has captured twelve members of the Pixie Kin faerie tribe for the first time in this charming calendar. Paulina is an ambassador to Pixie Kin, and her paintbrush is the portal by which many of the faerie tribe visit. Paulina now lives in Chattanooga,Tennessee, with her husband Kevin, that is, when she's not visiting Pixie Kin.

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