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9781593751593: Reckless

This four-disc set includes the hit romantic dramas Reckless and Reckless: The Sequel, starring Francesca Annis (Wives and Daughters), Robson Green (Touching Evil), and Michael Kitchen (Mrs. Dalloway). Watch romance try to stay on track through trysts, treachery, and trouble, and follow the complex and emotional decisions of the three who are involved in one very complicated love triangle.

In Reckless, Owen Springer (Robson Green) is a young doctor who has just moved to Manchester to take care of his demanding, hypochondriac father. The last thing he is looking for is an affair...until he meets Anna (Francesca Annis). However, there are two obstacles on Owen’s path to happiness with Anna--she is several years older, and she is married. Undaunted, Owen sets out to charm her, and just when he’s beginning to get somewhere, he’s hit with a bombshell. Anna’s husband is his new boss at the hospital.

In Reckless: The Sequel, Anna has divorced her husband, Richard (Michael Kitchen), and Anna and Owen have made an impetuous decision to marry--at the end of the week. The idea is to have the ceremony while Richard is out of the country, but he hears of their plans and flies back to England. Still in love with Anna, he is determined to save her from what he sees as a potentially disastrous marriage. Will Anna actually marry Owen?

Special DVD features include: link to the Masterpiece Theatre Web site; scene selections; and closed captions.

On four DVD5 discs. Region coding: All regions. Audio: Dolby stereo. Screen format: 4 x 3 full frame.

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When introducing Reckless, Russell Baker (as host of Masterpiece Theatre) warns the audience that what's to come has no literary merit; it's just entertainment. Entertainment, of course, is no small thing, and Reckless does a pretty good job of it. Owen (Robson Green), a young doctor heading for a new job in Manchester, first meets Anna (the magnetic Francesca Annis) on the train when he borrows her mobile phone (a very clunky piece of technology that places the show firmly in the late 1990s). As their paths continue to cross, Owen finds himself falling for Anna, even though she's at least 10 years older than he is. But Owen's hopes of love run into a serious obstacle when he discovers Anna is married to his boss, the imperious Dr. Richard Crane (Michael Kitchen).

Reckless charts the shifts and upsets of this love triangle--the tone ranges from light comedy to something bordering on Fatal Attraction. It starts slowly, but the second and third parts grow steadily more intricate, suspenseful, and torrid. Bad behavior is on ample display, acted with verve by the cast. The sequel is actually more fun than the original six-hour series; it's only a single two-hour episode, but it takes a more full-bodied satirical approach that doesn't prevent some heart-wrenching turns. Almost all of the original cast return, with a variety of new characters--including Geoffrey Palmer (As Time Goes By) as Richard's father. --Bret Fetzer

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