Project A-Ko - Love & Robots

ISBN 13: 9781586640507

Project A-Ko - Love & Robots

9781586640507: Project A-Ko - Love & Robots

Superpowered schoolgirl A-ko must take on the evil girl genius well as space aliens, giant robots, and hostile occult takeovers!

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Although these three OAVs (original animation videos) were released years apart--and years after the original Project A-Ko feature--they all share a single plot: the battle between A-Ko, who possesses super-powers, and the super-rich, mecha-building B-Ko for the affections of the infantile C-Ko. (The names of the characters play off the Japanese equivalent of "Girl A, Girl B" to designate extras in a script.) In "Cinderella Rhapsody," A-Ko falls for the dashing motorcyclist Kei. B-Ko wants whatever A-Ko wants, and they're soon fighting over Kei and C-Ko. But Kei only has eyes for C-Ko. In "Final," C-Ko turns out to be a long-lost alien princess whose people come to reclaim her, but the story remains underdeveloped. C-Ko leaves with the alien fleet but turns up at A-Ko's door the next morning and announces, "I came back." Viewers may wonder why everyone is so gaga about a whiny case of arrested development like C-Ko, whether she's a princess or not. In Japan, the pursuit of C-Ko is seen as a manifestation of the intense, platonic friendships among high school students, rather than lesbian attraction, but a weird sexuality pervades the stories, which include androgynous bodybuilders in dresses. All three episodes are silly enough to make Tenchi Muyo! sound like Nietzsche. Rated 13 and up for brief nudity, occasional sexual humor, and violence. --Charles Solomon

From the Back Cover:

Meet Graviton High's superpowered schoolgirl, A-ko. She has to fight the evil girl genius, B-ko, for the friendship of the cute 'n cuddly C-ko, and make the world safe for after school activities! Isn't it tragic how space aliens, giant robots, and hostile occult takeovers get in the way of what's really important?

Contains three hilarious movies!: Plot of the Daitokuji Financial Group - Cinderella Rhapsody - Final.

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