Generator Gawl - Perfect Collection

ISBN 13: 9781578132690

Generator Gawl - Perfect Collection

9781578132690: Generator Gawl - Perfect Collection

In October 2007, Professor Takuma Nekasa uncovers a gene code that will unlock our body's greatest mystery and expose mankind to its greatest threat. So Gawl, Koji, and Ryo - three young scientists from the future - must travel back in time to correct this mistake from the past. The catch? They have only three months to save the world from the mysterious and cunning Ryuko Saito and her Generators, unearthly assassins posing as humans. As Ryo and Koji try to complete their mission, Gawl must become like his enemies to fight on their terms. And it may cost him his humanity. A thermonuclear fusion of action, comedy, and mystery, Generator Gawl draws you into its web of intrigue with eye-catching art, startling plot turns, and compelling characters. ADV Films' release of the Generator Gawl Perfect Collection contains the entire twelve episode series on four discs in the English language, as well as the Japanese language with English subtitles. DVD extras include character sketches and ADV previews. Generator Gawl was created by the writing and directing team of Seiji Mizushima and Hidefumi Kimura (Dai-Guard), and produced by Tatsunoko Productions (Battle of the Planets).

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Entertaining, fast paced, and suspenseful, Generator Gawl combines elements of Evangelion and the Terminator movies with a brash good humor all its own. During a furious storm, three young men materialize in Tokyo in 2007: friendly, blond Ryo; aloof, intelligent Koji; and offbeat, irrepressible Gawl. They've come from the future to prevent biologist Takuma Nakasa from making the discoveries that will enable scientists to turn humans into metamorphic "Generators." Posing as students at prestigious Oju Academy, the trio take a room in the home of fellow student Masami. The eternally curious Masami drags her gentle friend Natsume into her investigation of the attractive lodgers. But they don't want to be investigated: they need to keep anyone from learning Gawl is a Generator who transforms into a fantastic monster to destroy the creatures protecting Nakasa. Director Seiji Mizushima skillfully balances the comic arguments between Gawl and Masami with philosophical discussions and hard-hitting action sequences. Koji, Ryo, Masami, and Gawl are ultimately pitted against the megalomaniacal Ryuko Saito in a conflict that determines the fate of humanity. The filmmakers never really resolve the paradoxes inherent in characters from the future attempting to change the past, but they make the story so engaging, it seems churlish to cavil over mere problems of logic and physics. Voice actors Monica Rial (Natsume) and Vic Mignogna (Gawl) offer exceptional performances, taking their characters from farce to tragedy in believable arcs. Unrated; suitable for ages 12 and up: Brief nudity, minor profanity, grotesque imagery, risqué humor, violence. --Charles Solomon

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