Boots, Blood, Gears, and Tears: The Dirt Bike Diaries (My Motorcycling Life) (Volume 1)

9781537071817: Boots, Blood, Gears, and Tears: The Dirt Bike Diaries (My Motorcycling Life) (Volume 1)

Every adventure starts with that first ride... For author G.B. Hinton, that first ride was on the unforgettable (and regrettable) Blue Beast, a homemade contraption of exposed drive belts, sharp sprockets, and searing hot surfaces. But what that first bike started, on the rural trails of Vancouver Island, Canada, would lead to epic rides and motorcycling adventures around the world. But first, there would be boots, blood, gears and tears, as Hinton learned at an early age that dirt biking was an escape that let him cope with a broken home, a cloudy future, and boyhood anger and aggression. In many ways, it was the promise of two wheeled freedom that saved him from a much different life--and a much shorter one. With this first book of his My Motorcycling Life series, Hinton starts with poignant, chilling, and hilarious stories from his early days on dirt bikes and takes us on a ride through ten years on two wheels, right up to his fledgling motocross career that comes to a halt with a bad crash and a single kiss. From being abandoned in the woods by his smirking uncle, to being chased by police on his smoking dirt bikes, to being threatened at gunpoint by a deranged Vietnam war vet, Hinton experienced life, death, thrills, and escapism on two wheels by the time he was only fifteen years old. Boots, Blood, Gear, and Tears: The Dirt Bike Diaries isn't just a book about dirt biking and motorcycling, it's also a story of life, loss, growth, and discovery, and of never giving up. Inspirational, funny, touching, and gut wrenching, this is a book not just for riders, but for readers of all ages.

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