Fuck You Very Much BAD BOSS: A Funny Adult Coloring Book to Calm You Down

9781535447010: Fuck You Very Much BAD BOSS: A Funny Adult Coloring Book to Calm You Down

A Compilation of 43 Unique Coloring Pages

A beautiful adult coloring book for ALL enthusiasts but if you have ever worked (or presently working) for a BAD BOSS, you'll definitely relate to it very well.

Working for a BAD BOSS is never easy. It takes a lot of energy. It zaps the hell out of our sanity. It's not good to the nervous system. Been there, done that.

This contains "endearing and colorful" words you've been wanting to tell in your BAD BOSS's face.

This is a perfect way to calm down, diffuse and release the steam off your system. So relax and switch off from the daily stress.

  • Descriptive illustrations
  • Catchy captions and swear texts
  • Designed to make it fun, relaxing and calm your nerves
  • Each coloring page is on a separate sheet
  • Moderate to complex designs
  • + 2 color test pages

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From the Author:

I have thought of making this coloring book based on my experience of working for others. Some were good, some were bad. I think a lot of people have worked (or presently working) for a bad boss. It never felt good. But as the saying goes, "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger". So, I hope you enjoy and have fun on working on this coloring book. Best wishes.

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