Mary and Karl: A novel about human relationships: Volume 1

9781535316743: Mary and Karl: A novel about human relationships: Volume 1
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I AM NOW IN THE PLANE, the reason for my concern and my confusion and extreme tensile. Travel worries me .. especially plane ride, this iron cage shave me now in the sky .. makes me feel scared. I said to myself, now I am suffering from two reasons for concern. Travel itself and the plane ride, okay Here is the seat that will sit in it.. I see a good girl next to me .. .. perhaps she feels scared, too. I approached them and thrown gently greeting.. It seems that my seat is near the window .. The girl stood, answered is better than expected. She said: Yes .. Do you want to change your seat ..? - No, thank you .. I need window.. - Welcome GOOD START.. she seems to me a polite girl, her smile aired satisfaction in myself and she encouraged me to asked about the destination.. Spontaneously she told me calmly: I travel from place to place. She told me about the benefits of travel, and her deep love to it .. and appended to her words with a beautiful voice, saying: It is nice to recognize the human world landmarks.. to see new areas and live with people to taste the sweetness of the differences between the habits of places She looked to the window and said: beautiful thing to understand life through the identification of others of mankind .. Her deep words made me a good listener .. then turned directly by asking me: Do not you think so? I zestful her words about praising travel, It is my concern and the reason for my fear. I replied with a smile: your talk about travel makes me feel calm. I've got a strange feeling .. I thought that people are scared and tired of hopping !! This is actually how I feel.. She said: Life is beautiful when we go deeper in it. Anxiety kills the beauty of things, which is bestowed by God on us. I understood it was locked .. and not like me ..! I looked to the forefront .. .. Everyone sat and appeared beautiful stewardess of the plane cabin .. She looked closer look left and right .. to make sure the case of passenger sitting in their seats .. I paid attention to the girl, her beautiful voice draws me: I imagine that I hear a voice from heaven say: "Travel in the land.".. a speech for us to recognize and act on this earth .. I said to myself: she is beautiful but religiously ..! I do not understand how beauty met with militancy ..! also educated girl .. and mastered the beautiful words I remembered my Marxist father's .. is mocked religion and faith .. and I was born in my family a free and liberal.. I do not like religious people .. I was reading the novels of Wilson and Sartre .. I love women .. but I did not sleep with one so far ..!

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