Gold Bullion Network Marketing MLM and Affiliate Email Prospecting Messages: Perfect for Karatbars, Swiss Gold Global, or any other Gold marketing company

9781533435965: Gold Bullion Network Marketing MLM and Affiliate Email Prospecting Messages: Perfect for Karatbars, Swiss Gold Global, or any other Gold marketing company

This book contains a professionally written email drip campaign
of 30 powerful, engaging and entertaining persuasive
email/autoresponder/social media posts messages focusing
getting your prospects interested in the Gold or Bullion Network
Marketing or Affiliate Marketing industry.

These emails are perfect for Karatbars, Swiss Gold Global,
International Silver Network (ISNCoins) - and any other
network marketing or affiliate company that offers Gold or
Gold coins.

If your product line includes Gold, or related products, this
drip list campaign will engage your prospect and have them
calling you.These autoresponder messages contain a little
humor, and personality, but are very strongly weighted
with the importance of buying Gold and how your prospect
can market Gold too, so they can earn more Gold or Dollars.

These are written as autoresponders but you could use them
as blog posts as well.These messages are perfect for the
prospect who looking for a hedge against the coming
economic collapse.

Each email ends with asking the prospect to call you now
as the call to action.If you have been in Network Marketing
or Affiliate Marketing for any length of time, you probably
have accumulated a list of prospects and their email addresses.

However, many of these prospects have entered the 'witness
protection program'.In other words, they never call back or
reply to your emails. Most people forget about this list, but
there is GOLD in it!

Now, you probably have an email system you pay for that
is filled with 'canned' autoresponders about your company
to send to your list. Sometimes this is part of your 'back-office'.

But, have you read these autoresponders being sent in your name?

They are deadly bad.

Here's why:They are dry, impersonal and dull.Let's face it.
 Most people can't write a note to save their lives, let alone
a well-crafted email campaign.

Forget learning a skill that will take you years to master - just
use these expert messages instead!That's where this book of
powerful 'Gold Stockpile' autoresponder messages will come
to your aid.

Inside are 30 rock solid emails that focus on your prospects
and how they can create a REAL income with your Gold

With engaging discussion about the current state of the
economy, as well as some humor and playfulness, they
will show how YOU and your company and Gold can help
people improve their financial picture for the coming
economic downturn, and why Gold is the right product
for them.FULL DISCLOSURE - this is a small book - 30
powerful emails. You are not paying for the quantity of words,
you are paying for the quality of the message and for getting
your phone to ring.      Order today!

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About the Author:

If you want to know one thing about David Williams it's this:

He believes in OFFLINE prospecting and ONLINE follow up!

David Williams has been a top earner and top performer in
networking for over 25 years. He has worked all over the world
building teams successful-ly. In the last five years he has worked
with corporations to develop MLM opportunities as well as
top performers to create recruiting systems for their teams.

He also delivers 'insider only' high priced seminars for
'the big dogs' on practical MLM: prospecting, recruiting and
team expansion.Prior to Networking Williams' background
was a few years of university - which meant he was broke.

In 2012 he decided to put into book-form some of the trainings
he has done and offer them to anyone. Typically, his work
spreads word-of-mouth and word-of-mouse. Williams decided
to present his insiders training at price levels that are affordable
via the Internet to anyone but is not trying to disrupt the high
priced seminars business either. Rather he feels that his readers
are new and future leaders who are not even aware of these
insider events but will one day will be seated there if they
follow his systems.

Williams is not actively working any MLM program but enjoys
8 different residual income sources and in multiple currencies.

His favorite MLM tips include:
· Fire your Upline
· Be the Upline you want
· Never stop recruiting
· How much money would I make today if my downline did what I did?
· He hates 'fluff' training.

He writes a MLM email training letter that he sends weekly - you
can sign up for it at DavidWilliamsMLMAuthor.comThose
who have signed up for David's newsletter may reach him via
that email address.Feel free to contact him with any question.

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