Japan Press Magazine: Volume 1

9781530672615: Japan Press Magazine: Volume 1
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Reseña del editor:

I have lived and worked twenty-five years in Japan and every look, breath and step is unique and somehow magical. This JAPAN PRESS MAGAZINE won’t live up to that very lofty standard in each page, but we will try. Our publishing team is world-class and comprised of ‘old Japan hands’. The collections from their archives will be dusted off and refreshed for today in 2016. Many of the most famous places have been so for thousands of years.

JAPAN.co.jp is live, interactive and a fun place to make our content more popular and helps our editors see trends. Visit today!

We look at Japan from many eyes and we don’t judge as to what people like. Shinjirarenai (lit: “I can’t believe it!”) is frequently heard in the office. We just find most of it so amusing that we just have to present it somewhere! Enjoy our pages here and online. They are indeed intertwined.

The Coolest of Cool Japan is our mission at JAPAN PRESS MAGAZINE. We agree with the Japanese government (with which we are not affiliated :-) that Japan makes cool stuff and has some insanely cool entertainment. Behind each Cool Japan product is a cool company run by cool people.

This issue brings you the eagle vision of Sky Robot Inc and its various approaches to drones. JAA brought an adult presence to the necessity of training drone pilots. Each drone company kept topping the next as the coolest thing we have seen.

Japanese women are beautiful; we are not going to hide it. The first bounty hit was the 500+ professional photo collection of Brad Fujihara of Japanese Booth Babes. Our pictorial choice of the hottest Booth Babes came from our online readers. Male models and mascots are user favorites too!

Find out more in our JAPAN PRESS MAGAZINE pages and at www.JAPAN.co.jp.

With special thanks to my team and stakeholders, I remain

Sincerely yours,

Bradley L. Bartz

Stories in this issue:

  • Drones Over Tokyo? There’ll Be Nowhere to Hide
  • ‘Alien’ Robot Technology Set to Invade Earth
  • Unshaken Saga Hopes to Stir More Business Interest
  • No Place Like Japan for Wind Power
  • India: The Future King of Sovereign Solar?
  • Kawasaki Heavy Betting Big on Hydrogen
  • Help Wanted: Skilled Drone Pilots
  • Motion Sensors ‘Go Mini’ For Drone Use
  • Training Japan’s Aviators in War & Peace
  • Fixed-Wing Drones Own a Niche in Japan
  • Lasers Bring Precision to Aerial Mapping
  • Crowd Security Means Eyes in the Sky
  • Dronemeisters drone pilot directory creating buzz for master UAV operators
  • Iran’s Maiden Flight
  • Sagem supplying Patroller drones to French Army
  • LED’s Rekindle Old World Warmth
  • Japan First to Hit LED Saturation Point?
  • Pocket Printing Has Never Been Easier
  • Panning for the Golden Complexion
  • Okinawa Shares Two Keys To Longevity
  • Soapless Bathing Coming to a Tub Near You
  • Japanese Skin Cream is No Longer Horseplay
  • Virtual Cash Meets the Virtual Cash Register
  • Coolest Drunk in JAPAN
  • A Beautiful Mind: A Cautionary Tale, Yet Hopeful Look Forward
  • Somewhere between Earth and Mars Science Fiction Became Science Fact
  • Study reveals how the queen ant is crowned
  • Japan orders amphibious assault vehicles
  • NASA, Japan make ASTER earth data available at no cost
  • New study pinpoints stress factor of mega-earthquake off Japan
  • Japanese map tracks the last moments of the victims of 2011 tsunami
  • Doggie Day Care Goes Remote
  • Booth Babes!


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