Lee Burvine The Kafir Project

ISBN 13: 9781530651351

The Kafir Project

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9781530651351: The Kafir Project

Astronomer and TV science guy Gevin Rees just landed the interview of a lifetime with the world's most famous physicist. Remarkable, because the eccentric genius is notoriously reclusive ... and he's already dead.

What happens next forces Rees to run for his life from not one but two deadly assassins and global powers desperate to bury what he's just uncovered. Mind-blowing technology and solid evidence that would rewrite religious history and challenge the faith of billions.

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About the Author:

LEE BURVINE is the author's anonymous pen name. Sadly, we live in a world where publicly speaking certain truths can be very bad for your health. Lee's lifelong thirst to get to the bottom of things and to tell cracking stories about what he found has culminated in The Kafir Project, his first novel.


From Goodreads

The Kafir Project is an impressive first novel by Lee Burvine, who blends together credible scientific concepts with religious history to craft a fast-paced and truly page-turning adventure. It's hard to avoid comparisons with Dan Brown. The themes and structure of Burvine's work are related, but you come away from Kafir with more useful and accurate information. The primary plot plays out a fantasy I've long had: what if it were somehow possible to go back and view the foundations of the major religions--to know for certain what happened, and what didn't? How might those truths change the world?

This thought experiment is just onethread in a tapestry weaving together quantum computing, relativity, observational time travel, DNA data storage, archaeology, and international politics. Of note, Burvine forges two villains who are truly frightening in their drive, competence, and unpredictability. Once you pick this book up, you won't want to put it down.--Ross Blocher

"I don't like mysteries. I don't like thrillers. I don't like science fiction. It was all of those things and I loved it"
Penn Jillette--best-selling author and the louder half of Penn & Teller

"A thrilling roller coaster ride. Fast paced and riveting. I couldn't put it down."

Lawrence Krauss--award winning astrophysicist, and author of A Universe From Nothing
"Historians and scientists have long known the Abrahamic religions are fiction. Who would have thought those findings could be turned into such an entertaining science fiction thriller?"
Dan Barker--author of GOD: The Most Unpleasant Character in All Fiction
"Grips you from the first page ... seamlessly intertwines sci-fi, applied physics, and a healthy dose of archaeology."
Natalia Reagan--anthropologist, writer, TV animal expert (National Geographic Channel)
"Burvine gives the world a new kind of hero, an intelligent science communicator in the mold of a Richard Dawkins or Neil deGrasse Tyson."
Andrew L. Seidel--Constitutional and civil rights attorney for the Freedom From Religion Foundation
"Blends the breakneck pace of the best page-turning mysteries with genuine religious history."
Emery Emery--film editor (Aristocrats), and host of the award winning podcast Ardent Atheist

"Strong male and female characters. Everything a nerdy faithless feminist could want."

Karen L. Garst--author of Women Beyond Belief: Discovering Life without Religion

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