Fun with Flashcards: Mammals, Insects, Sports and Musical Instruments

9781530068081: Fun with Flashcards: Mammals, Insects, Sports and Musical Instruments

This workbook has 328 flashcards on mammals across the planet, insects and bugs and spiders, sports we play and musical instruments that tickle our ears. Each card lists the noun, a sentence describing the noun, and a picture of that noun. Your students will learn about the aardvark and zebra, a joey (baby kangaroo) and a kitten (baby cat), a monkey and gorilla, a lamb and a ewe, a mongoose and meerkat, the jumping spider and the centipede, the praying mantis and the scorpion, the roly-poly and the earthworm, the trombone and the saxophone, the tambourine and the xylophone, a mascot and a stadium, a puck and a birdie, a football and a soccer ball, a quarterback and a goalie, a coach and a cheerleader, and many more nouns. Students practice the cards by themselves and then play with their partner trying to identify the noun as someone reads the sentence with the missing noun aloud. It’s fun. It’s education. It’s a workbook of flashcards. Take a Look Inside to see samples of these materials.

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