How to Teach ESL Kindergarten: Everything You Need to Know to Teach English as a Foreign Language to Young Learners

9781523848768: How to Teach ESL Kindergarten: Everything You Need to Know to Teach English as a Foreign Language to Young Learners

Have you ever watched a travel show on a foreign country and afterwards felt a burning desire to visit? Or talked to someone who described their trip to a faraway land leaving you envious of their experience? What if there was a fun, low pressure, and rewarding job that could enable you to live your dreams of enjoying life in exotic places? While teaching English in non-English speaking countries has long been a favorite gateway to world travel and adventures abroad, there is currently a rising demand for ESL teachers qualified to work with kindergarten-age students. Developing countries across the planet are experiencing newfound wealth, and given the high value many of these cultures place on education, they are interested in teaching their children English at younger and younger ages. This growing demand for ESL kindergarten teachers will likely continue for many years, which means if you are interested in working in this part of the ESL market, you will be able to find work and receive competitive rising wages as you acquire more experience. The benefits of working as an ESL kindergarten teacher are numerous. Unlike many older students, kindergarten-age children are respectful to their teachers and excited to be at school. At this young age, you become one of the few adults in their world, and your students will rely on you for guidance, protection, and good old fashioned fun. In return they will provide you with enough affection, warm smiles, and laughter to last a lifetime. If the prospect of teaching English to young learners’ sounds intimidating, it need not be any longer. This book provides new teachers all the necessary information they require to confidently start teaching ESL kindergarten. Don’t hesitant to miss out on a truly rewarding job with plenty of adventure in exotic destinations; read on to discover how to become an ESL kindergarten teacher.

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