Neanderthal versus Cro-Magnon: A Novella by George F. Kohn: Volume 9 (Holiday Favorites)

9781522734246: Neanderthal versus Cro-Magnon: A Novella by George F. Kohn: Volume 9 (Holiday Favorites)
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One of the five boys in the tree Fort club has an incredible experience which is out of this modern-day world. While in a dream state, Lester is programmed by the Sky People of the Stargazer Fleet to travel back in time! Captain Benedict Arnold is in charge of this exploratory mission to observe the Neanderthal and the Cro-Magnon tribal members in action, because the two tribes are coexisting during an ice age (also known as a glacial period) in an area close to each other. These conditions offer a good opportunity to study differing cultures. Genetic samples are to be taken from members of each tribe, to distinguish if there is a genetic link between the two species. Members of both tribes will be evaluated on their skills and tool-making abilities, along with their ability to communicate with each other. Captain Arnold is not pleased with the results of the observation by his crew members or the recommendations of the Stargazer Fleet committee. He devises a devious plan to change the DNA molecule in favor of one tribe. If his plan is successful, it will forever change the question of natural evolution! THE SERIES: Holiday Favorites is a collection of nine novellas (short stories) written by George F. Kohn. Most of the stories coincide with the holiday months of the school calendar year, each of those stories being dedicated to its special holiday. October is Halloween – The Legend of "The Hal-lo-Ween and the Motorcycle Witch” November is Thanksgiving – The First Thanksgiving December is Christmas – The Magic Christmas Tree February is Valentine’s Day – A Valentine Dream March is Easter – A Big Surprise for Easter April is a celebration in St. Petersburg, Florida – The Festival of States Parade July is Independence Day – The Big Fourth The last two stories, in addition to the holiday stories, are about exploring the unknown – what if? They involve using the reader’s own imagination and creativity: The Experiment – an alien mission harvests ancient implants. Neanderthal versus Cro-Magnon – different cultures and skills of two tribes are explored. INTRODUCTION to SERIES: A long time ago, before television, forests grew all around a neighborhood near the edge of the great forbidden Cypress Swamp. The people in the neighborhood all shared their lives, beliefs, and superstitions, creating an atmosphere of adventure throughout the neighborhood. In the neighborhood lived five young boys. There was an old mulberry tree that stood on the outskirts of town. Over the years, someone had built a tree house in the fork of two large limbs that spread out over the cemetery. The tree house, called the Fort, was built large enough for the boys to use as their clubhouse. Inside the tree Fort, the boys had a panoramic view of the surrounding area. Looking out the north window, the boys could see a large meadow stretching out into the distance. Through the east window, they could see far away the top of a bald cypress tree. Everyone knew that meant there was a dangerous swamp nearby. In this series of stories, some strange and incredible things happen in the area to challenge the boys’ ingenuity. Utilizing their imagination and skills, the boys successfully solve one problem after another. What is real, and how much is in their imagination?

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George F. Kohn retired as a special education teacher in the Marion County School system in Florida. With a degree in special education (K-12) and a Master's Degree in Administration and Supervision, he has over 30 years of experience teaching special education students. He was born in Jacksonville and educated in St. Petersburg, Florida. Mr. Kohn has traveled to most of the Continental United States, Mexico City, Costa Rica, and the Amazon. In 1982, along with his childhood friend Leo Neuner, he drove from St. Petersburg, Florida to Cold Foot, Alaska and back – a distance of more than 15,000 miles. Their final destination was Prudhoe Bay at the top of the world! Unfortunately, they had to turn around at Cold Foot, Alaska, because they needed a special permit to continue the final 200 miles to Prudhoe Bay. George Kohn has enjoyed parachuting, scuba diving, cave exploring, fishing, photography, canoeing, and golfing. His leisure activities also include reading, sports, volunteer work in a state park, and working with schools. As an author, Mr. Kohn has published a series of books to benefit the youth. He believes that imagination and creativity are two keys for opening the doors to effective education.

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