Fitting In: A Bt's Guide to the Orthodox World

9781519738875: Fitting In: A Bt's Guide to the Orthodox World

TESTIMONIALS (Mostly un-edited to keep the flavor of the comments) 1. From a Machon Shlomo Alumni at NYU Law School Dear Kurt, Mazel tov on your book release! It was sent around on the Machon Shlomo/Yaakov alumni list serve and both my wife and I read it already! It is great, informative, and funny. A true shkoyach! You should continue to be matzliach in inspiring Klal Yisrael. 2. Machon Yaakov Alumni (NYU, Goldman Sachs, currently at a FFB Yeshiva in Jerusalem) Hi Kurt, I just saw your book wow! Thank you! From the portion I've read so far, I can see you've answered the prayers of many ba'alei teshuva who need guidance integrating when returning to communities in the US. You provide real advice based on real Torah knowledge and experience. Thank you! All the best, 3. From One of the Most successful Kiruv Professionals in America Great stuff!! Really needed! Shkoach! I'm not sure if I fit in with that term :) GS 4. Alumni of Several BT Yeshiva’s Kurt, Thank you for writing this book about how to navigate the waters of an orthodox world successfully. I am sure that your experience and insights will influence many more bnei torah to positively influence those around them. 5. FFB Kiruv Professional in US Hi I just started a local program in an attempt to give a day school education to women who did not have the opportunity to go to a day school. It is a dream in the making and we are hoping and praying for the funds to continue to build it. We are currently in our first semester with 21 women enrolled (and 20 more on a waiting list) I think your book would be invaluable for the women currently enrolled in the program. 6. Yet another FFB Kurt, We sat together at the Teaneck Yeshiva Dinner. I have to commend you for your work in putting together "Fitting in"; I hope it brings you much continued mazel and bracha. I literally just got it emailed to me and spent the last two hours with it until I finished. You managed to piece together things which are so subjective in a manner that is clear, sourced and reverent, without sounding petty or dogmatic. My only wish is that it's republished without being specifically directed for baale teshuva, so many "FFB"'s also need this book. Again, the book is incredible and I daven that it should be widely used. Great work! 7. From one of the most prominent Rebbetzin’s in Brooklyn. She is a well-known educator and her husband is a Rosh HaYeshiva, a Rov and a prominent speaker. Dear Mr. Stein, My husband and I share this email address. I took the liberty of reading your book and enjoyed it very much! It was honest, refreshing and had many beautiful insights. 8. From a BT living in America, married with young children. Couldn't resist skimming a bit of your book at work. Great stuff! You hit on a many real issues. I read the part explaining why it's practically hard to make close FFB friends. You basically described us to the T, and it's helpful to understand the dynamics behind the scenes that people don't necessarily mention to you. I'll share it around. 9. From a Kiruv Professional in his 40’s living in America Dear Kurt, I started reading it and I did not stop till it got to the sections of halacha, minhag etc. A BIG YASHER KOACH! It's a great work and you should be very proud. I believe there are some VITAL AND SUPER RELEVANT points that you make that make your pamphlet a MUST READ for starting BT"s. Thank you for sending this. I am excited to share this with other PORK (Parents of Religious Kids) people. You did such a wonderful job putting this together and it is so helpful for PARENTS as well as for the kids. It can be scary to watch your kids become religious and have no idea what they are thinking or doing. Your book explains a lot of things that parents don’t understand and are afraid to ask. It certainly takes the unknown scariness out of the equation. Much success!

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