Workbook Answer Key - Grade 8 Math

9781519178756: Workbook Answer Key - Grade 8 Math
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Answer Key to Workbook - Grade 8 Math. Includes detailed solutions to all exercises. More info and free material can be found at The index of the book is as follows: The index of the book is as follows: CHAPTER 1 – ALGEBRA 1.1 Order of operations 1.2 Introduction to fractions 1.3 Decimals and fractions 1.4 Types of numbers 1.5 Exponents and scientific notation 1.6 Roots and rationalization 1.7 Percentages 1.8 Evaluating expressions 1.9 Expanding and factoring 1.10 Ratios 1.11 Equations of the first degree 1.12 Systems of equations first degree 1.13 Interval notation and inequalities. 1.14 Equations of the second degree CHAPTER 2 – GEOMETRY 2.1 Introduction to geometry 2.2 Angles 2.3 Triangles 2.4 Distance and midpoint 2.5 Quadrilaterals 2.6 Circles and complex shapes 2.7 3D geometry volume and surface area 2.8 Geometric transformations 2.9 Congruent and similar triangles CHAPTER 3 – FUNCTIONS 3.1 Introduction to functions 3.2 Linear functions CHAPTER 4 – STATISTICS 4.1 Introduction to statistics 4.2 Bivariate data and scatter plots 4.3 Mean, Median, Mode and Frequency diagrams 4.4 Probability CHAPTER 5 5.1 International system of units 5.2 Common errors

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