Kingdom of Atharia: The Beginning: Volume 1

9781505412703: Kingdom of Atharia: The Beginning: Volume 1
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The kingdom of Atharia is in great peril, enemies on every side. The prince and princess of the kingdom both want to seat themselves on the throne, but only one may become ruler of Atharia. With the king and queen at odds, the royal advisor has come up with a plan. "Send them on a quest to find Euretha's scepter." Only tales of Euretha and her scepter have been told. None have ended in a happy ending, but Princess Nolia wants her chance at the throne since she knows she could rule it as well as her twin brother. That is why she has accepted the quest, ready to go outside the kingdom walls into lurking danger. A company has been given to both the prince and princess to assure them safe travels. It is unknown what awaits them, but it is believed that whoever finds and possesses Euretha's scepter is more than worthy to wear the crown and sit upon the throne.

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