The Barking Martians in the Flying Dildos of Planet Venus

9781492133377: The Barking Martians in the Flying Dildos of Planet Venus
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Reseña del editor:

AN ARTIST SET OUT ON A JOURNEY TO CREATE THE NAUGHTIEST SCIENCE FICTION BOOK EVER. Inspired by Thackeray's "Vanity Fair," the novel without a hero that took liberties with writing style in order to make the story more engaging, and by the bad quality of some bestsellers back in 2009, I decided I could write a more interesting book while drinking beer in the middle of the night. I wanted something crass, something raw like the pulp fiction detective novels of old, but set in a multicultural era of space colonization throughout the solar system. I also took inspiration from manga and anime, seeking to leverage some of their techniques and include a bunch of the Japanese I learned from them and my many years in Japan, while including as many pictures as possible to experiment with formatting as well as picture quality and control in online publishing tools and ebooks, as I prepped for a next phase in publishing, where I'd make manga or graphic novels. This altered the book from having footnotes in early versions, to inline notes since you can't have footnotes in ebooks with no set page lengths. I started including a graphic with each inline note, first just nudes and self-portraits, thankfully no nude self-portraits, and later a full gamut of artwork from my 2D oeuvre. The book experienced high downloads on Amazon in its initial release, but perhaps it's too "nouveau gritty" for commercial viability, and will just remain a rough milestone in experimentation. I invite you to try it and opine. Join our Martian mercenary captain on Venus as he leads a four-armed monster, a sultry naked engineering prodigy, and a bickering horny crew through one danger after another. Their mission: blow up one of their company's own power plants and frame the competition for it. Without getting dismembered or pregnant. Along the way they meet a sexy spy, a mysterious barista, brutal ruffians, trigger-happy psychic zombies, a vodka-swilling Russian purveyor of intelligence, and an energy drink swilling Martian explosives dealer who sells them explosive boogers. The crew's heavy weapons officer symbolizes the predilections of Genji, coming from the asteroid belt with his android paramour, the exquisite Lin Daiyu. Meanwhile the anatomically blessed Chinese light weapons officer hails from Ganymede and, of course, favors half-octopus girls with gills. One reader of an earlier edition commented, "The title implies sex, low brow humor, and sci-fi. This book delivers!" Another reader commented that people in the office kept grabbing her copy to check out all the some 100 illustrations, and in response to popular demand, the illustrations have been enlarged in this eighth edition. (Due to the number of nude illustrations, however, leaving this book around the office is not recommended. Should this book be commercially successful, one of the sequels will be executed as a graphic novel.) Just as space exploration frequently involves international cooperation and this book was partially written in other countries, there are some snippets of Japanese, Mandarin and Russian throughout. Originally translations of these were in the footnotes, but those moved to inline notes with a pictures in later editions, the pictures becoming more numerous and larger going from edition to edition. Almost all the illustrations are in acrylic or oil on canvas, so this book can be of interest to art lovers, as well as sci fi aficionados.

Biografía del autor:

The author of this book is Chinchin Gan, who writes, paints, and studies foreign languages. Just as the book is rife with illustrations, so is the author’s domicile, which is decorated with hundreds of paintings and murals. Chinchin has lived in America, the UK, Russia, and Japan, and this is his third book. This book was written during the recession to raise money for school tuition while the author was earning meager wages working in nanotech. Currently the author is working on illustrations for the sequel, while illustrating his first manga and writing a G-rated book for younger readers.

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