Screams Of Pleasure - Lesbian Romance

9781481805124: Screams Of Pleasure - Lesbian Romance
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Trying to control their screams of pleasure, both Laura and LaVonda had to keep it down because little Alana might wake up! LaVonda can’t get enough of her newfound love for the same sex. She enjoys every bit of it, but admits to the fact that she still craves for what only a man can offer - a cock ramming inside her pussy. LaVonda asks Laura if she can bring her little “friend” to join them. To make things even hotter than it already is, Laura tightens the straps on her and is ready to devour LaVonda! Doing the dirty deed while controlling their outbursts of pleasure, they both get dumbstruck to see little Alana..... watching them! THIS IS THE THIRD BOOK OF THE “BI-CURIOUS” SERIES BY MIRANDA MARS. IT IS IN THE FOLLOWING ORDER: Dirty Acquaintance Peak, Sneak and Squeak Screams Of Pleasure “Hard” Competition Deep Excavation Green Minds Lead to Colorful Results Confessions and Steamy Clinches Distance Leads To A Sexual Marathon This story is also known as “Why Are You Kissing Mommies Kitty?” This series is also known as “Loving LaVonda Series” Sample 1: “I think I’m going to come if you touch me,” LaVonda whispered, her grey eyes swirling with happy, pulsing sex. “I am going to make you wait,” Laura teased her softly, kissing her neck and shoulders. “I am going to make you beg me.” “I’m begging you now. How’s that? No more waiting. I’m begging. Just . . . you know . . . do your magic. Just kiss and suck my pussy. I’ll come so fast. I know it. You’ve really got me aroused. You know how to do that.” Laura kissed her nose affectionately. “That’s not begging. I want you to beseech and implore me. Really grovel.” Sample 2: “Oh shit . . .” LaVonda finally gasped, blinking, leaning up on one elbow, trying to regain her senses, her startling grey eyes still foggy and streaked red with sex. It was then that she looked over to the side of the bed and saw Alana standing there in her pajamas with an expression of rapt awe and wonderment on her face. “Oh god . . . Alana . . .” LaVonda said, her voice hushed with shock, but also with stunned and stupefied amazement. Laura peeked up over one of LaVonda’s hard, beautiful, brown thighs, her face still nearly embedded in LaVonda’s crotch and her mouth smeared and glossy with LaVonda’s cunt juices, to see Alana staring wide-eyed at her too. “Why are you kissing Mommy’s kitty?” Alana asked.

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